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Optimising Wordpress geolocation features with the right tools

Wordpress is a powerful website creation platform that leverages a plethora of website content management tools and powerful blogging features. In fact, it presently powers 26.4% of the web. Its amazing features, however, don’t just stop there - did you know that it can also host advanced Wordpress geolocation features?        

If you’ve been wondering how to optimise your website with these features, especially through IP address geolocation, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this post, we dive into a few tips and strategies on how you can use Wordpress geolocation features to improve traffic flow and increase content personalisation.        

Remember, the success of your efforts doesn’t just come down to dedication and hard work - it’s equally important that you choose the right tools.

Wordpress geolocation


Use permission pop-ups to redirect visitors based on their location


Do you want to keep your customers aware of the fact that you’re redirecting them to local or regional websites?   

Well, with certain Wordpress geolocation tools this is now easier than ever. These codes read every visitor’s IP address and then display a customised pop-up that asks them whether they mind being redirected to the relevant regional site.

Some of these even remember each visitor’s selection and stores this data, which facilitates automatic redirection the next time the same visitor accesses your site. Magic!


Give visitors the ability to switch between localised Wordpress sites


Having Wordpress features doesn't just mean that you understand where your visitors are coming from. If you’re using these tools just to access this type of data, you’re better off with Google Analytics.


The key difference is that with IP geolocation tools, you can actually control the traffic that comes in and redirect them or give them the opportunity to choose which website they ultimately land on. As such, the right geolocation APIs will give your users the ability to navigate between different location-based, Wordpress sites.


With certain tools, like Geo Targetly’s Geo Redirect software, you also gain access to a referral whitelist option that disables redirection if it detects a visitor from another site.


Only allow the right visitors to access your site


Another way to make the most of Wordpress geolocation features is to restrict your bandwidth - and prevent your site from being flooded by unnecessary visitors - by excluding certain countries, states, and cities from your website.


This is especially the case if you’re posting digitally-restricted/licensed content or are simply protecting your site from malicious hackers. Either way, geolocation tools created specifically to meet WordPress specifications and requirements will do this without too much difficulty; as easy, in fact, as adding a JavaScript code to your header.php theme file, after the opening <head> tag.


Create as many redirect rules for your site


If you manage multiple Wordpress websites that are scattered across various regions, you can add multiple redirect rules for visitors in just a few simple steps.


Say, for instance, that you want to redirect visitors to more than one regional site, this is now possible with the right tools. Some of the best Wordpress geolocation codes and APIs allow you to create any number of redirect rules where each rule can have unique locations and redirect URLs.


Take users to the same page across regional websites


Another seriously cool feature you can leverage with Wordpress geolocation codes is the ability to take visitors to the same page across regional websites.


What this means is that if an individual wants to access page ‘A’ and they’re accessing your site from Canada, they will automatically be redirected to page ‘A’ in the Canadian website. Say they're using a VPN and their IP address is based in the US? They would then be redirected to page ‘A’ in the US site.


Leverage the best of Wordpress geolocation features to improve site experience!


Wordpress geolocation functionality is now more sophisticated than ever. If you wish to provide your site visitors with the ability to access more locally-relevant information, peruse multiple sites to find what they’re looking for or even prevent spam visitors from eating up your bandwidth, IP geolocation tools are the perfect solutions.


By unrolling some of our codes, including our sophisticated Geo Redirect solution, you can now enjoy greater control over your visitors and how they engage with your business or content.



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