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How can geolocation software improve your sales efforts?

When geolocation software only just emerged, many of its present features were limited or even non-existent. Now, however, beyond telling us where our visitors are located or leveraging simple redirect features, these tools are coming handy even in terms of app-based marketing and sales functions.

In this post, we set out to discover how you can optimise your sales efforts with premium IP geolocation tools. At a time where cold calling is close to a very timely death, intelligent customer targeting is becoming a priority - a feature leveraged by the right geolocation software.

Continue reading our post for a closer look at all the ways in which you can use geographical data to drive value to your sales strategies!

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Improve your outreach efforts by accessing better analytics

If you’re running well-planned and coordinated sales campaigns, you likely maintain all your contact and lead data on a CRM platform. By using geolocation software that can be integrated with this platform, access cutting-edge geographical insights on all your contacts through various filters: purchase history, demographics, and other types of customer/lead behaviour.

This is especially important in light of the finding that companies that adopt scientific, data-backed sales strategies see as much as a 200% increase in overall productivity.

By adding a geographic layer to your analytics, you can redirect resources and outreach to territories that are performing well and further personalise your sales messaging. This will also help you avoid falling into an age-old trap: Allowing local prospects to slip through your fingers.

Optimise sales routes

If you have a team of sales representatives who make client visits, geolocation software makes their work significantly more efficient through the provision of optimised sales routes.

This gives your employees the means to create a map of the most direct routes from one client to the next, taking their mind off the nightmare that’s navigation - especially at peak traffic hours. Depending on your CRM platform, your employees will even be able to access these routes on their phones!

Using this data to assign your sales reps specific sales territories is another tactic that boosts efficiency. Not only will it help each agent concentrate their efforts, but also prevent duplicated effort and unfortunate scenarios where two of your agents are nurturing the same lead!

Improving sales productivity with geolocation data

Geolocation software also boasts another sales-related superpower: The ability to improve sales productivity.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your sales representatives to yield productive outcomes, you can now do so by integrating your CRM platform with IP address geolocation tools.

Through instant access to highly specific levels of data on each customer, these solutions help your agents plan their sales approach with more accuracy and efficiency. It also reduces the time spent on sales planning - a major, time-consuming component of the sales process.

It also helps you generate your sales pipeline without too much confusion or deliberation.

Pull website visitor data and enjoy next-level lead generation

Tracking website visitors and pulling certain types of data from them isn’t a new practice. Now, however, these strategies are not just being used by marketing teams, but sales teams as well.

By tracking new and recurring visitors, your sales reps can personalise their communication with leads by analysing their website behaviour and seeing, for instance, which pages they’ve visited - all possible through the use of IP geolocation software.

This information can then be added to your CRM platform and be used in the future when sales and marketing messages go out to specific customers!

Incorporate functional geolocation software to your sales strategies!

Sales teams often have their work cut out for them - selling to leads, nowadays, is more difficult than it was in the past. With customers expecting businesses to understand their needs and demands almost intuitively, geolocation software is now a panacea to most of these sales woes.

By choosing the right solutions - those that allow you to access useful insights, track customer behaviour on your site, and even optimise other aspects of the sales process - like door-to-door visits - your output will be far from disappointing.

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