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Leveraging the right tools for the best Wix geolocation results

Similar to website hosting solutions like Wordpress, Wix is a platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites through interactive drag-and-drop features. Given its popularity and widespread use, Wix geolocation features are something many businesses are thrilled about.

With these features, businesses now have the ability to meet every client on their own terms, language, and content. While many fail to leverage this level of personalisation, this is exactly what separate run-of-the-mill companies from those destined for greatness.

With over 3 million live sites being powered by this platform, at present, the space and opportunity for greater personalisation can transform how users interact with online content.

If you host your website on Wix’s highly functional platform and are interested in leveraging the best geolocation features, continue reading our post!

Wix geolocation

Redirect users to multiple regional websites, automatically

Ever been blown away by how effortlessly you’ve been redirected to a local or regional site? Stunned by the level of personalisation you’ve been greeted by?

Fortunately, this ability is more affordable and easy to roll out with certain Wix geolocation features. All you need is a simple visitor redirect tool, which reads each visitor’s IP address and automatically sends them to the closest or most relevant regional site.

While these tools won’t automatically customise your website content - you can do so with the use of a geolocation content tool - this type of software will redirect website visitors in the span of a heartbeat to your other sites.

Certain redirect tools are so sophisticated that they can push users from multiple destinations to multiple websites even though they’re all accessing your website through one and the same link!

Use Wix geolocation data to optimise your marketing strategies

With the right toolset, you can also gather cutting-edge insights into how your links are performing and how users from different locations around the world are interacting with your content.

This data, like most other types of customer insights, has the ability to change the way you conduct many of your promotional activity. You’ll know, for instance, which links and keywords website visitors are likely to respond to, making your life that much easier and your campaigns more effective.

Wix geolocation data will also help you understand which products/pages appeal (more) to specific audiences. This undoubtedly helps you refine your targeting efforts and helps you identify which areas of your business/services specific segments of customers are interested in.

Location-based pop-ups for specific groups of website visitors

If you have something you’re dying to say/promote to a particular set of website visitors - say those coming in from Japan, for instance - IP address geolocation tools can pick up each visitor’s location and if they fall within the specified location, show them custom information and offers.

If you’ve just started out or currently lack the resources to build out multiple regional websites, geo pop-up tools let you display customised offers and information to visitors belonging to certain locations.

In the absence of multiple redirect options, this tool is the next best thing for companies on the prowl for greater personalisation.

Display customised, geolocation-based content to visitors that visit your website

Another seriously handy IP geolocation tool is dynamic content software that allows you to customise website content, including contact details and other location-specific details, based on the country, state or city of your visitor.

If you’re very serious about being different from other businesses in your industry and giving your website visitors an experience that’s tailored to their interests and preferences, a geo content tool is the way to go. This way, you also filter out a huge portion of unnecessary queries from flooding up your inbox or contact centre.

Make the most of Wix geolocation tools to improve your website experience

Wix allows you to maintain a functional website, but beyond just a sleek interface and easy building features, Wix geolocation is arguably one of the platform’s most impressive feature.

By leveraging the features discussed above, you’re able to position your business as one that goes the extra mile. Don’t dive into this process with a blindfold on, though. Only settle for tools with a full list of features that allow you to do all of the above and more.

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