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The importance of installing a country language selector

A country language selector can help businesses cater to different language speakers within the same country, creating a wider target audience.

Did you know that there are over 4.33 billion active internet users? Even though the number one language is English, they only make up 25% of internet users with other languages like Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese users growing in the past few years. These trends indicate that e-commerce businesses (and businesses in general), need to consider a global audience. While it might seem like an additional expense, businesses benefit tremendously by catering to different languages using technology, like a country language selector, because of several benefits to their website.

Country language selector - Why does it matter?

For businesses expanding into different operations, a country language selector is necessary.

Catering to different language speakers in the same region

A country language selector helps businesses cater to different language speakers within the same country. Many regions/countries have people who speak in different languages - for example, the United States has a large Spanish speaking population with over 53 million speakers. However, most businesses either choose to ignore this audience because there is no cost-effective way to do so. This is where a country language selector is highly beneficial. 

It allows businesses to clearly differentiate between the types of languages and communicate these differences to the visitor. For example, there is a difference between Spanish spoken by South American countries and how it is spoken in Spain. Websites can account for these differences and convey them via a selector. 

It’s useful for SEO purposes

A language selector plays a crucial role in SEO because it is essential for website crawling. The spider refers to the bots on search engines that crawl through website content, index the website and analyse its content, which is crucial for ranking a business website. Furthermore, country language selectors boost SEO by improving usability. Google is constantly updating its algorithms to reflect how its users use the search engine, which means businesses have to ‘future-proof’ their website to maximise usability. 

Of course, businesses need to ensure that their service/product appeals to different language users, or else they would not gain sufficient ROI from their investment because having a website with different languages increases maintenance costs. SEO is crucial for business success, and a language selector is one of the best ways to maximise the initial investment.

Have a global impact

While not every small business has global aspirations, those who do should certainly invest in a country language selector. Most internet users do not speak English, while others use it as a second and third language. While users with a vague understanding of English can interact with the content, they will be more engaged and invested in your brand when reading content in their first language. Many large global brands already have multiple versions of their website and redirect some of their users using either geo redirection or a country language selector. A language selector is one of the best options to redirect users because it allows businesses to cater to multiple language speakers within the same region, as well as give users the choice on language preference. The ease of use combined with higher engagement makes language selectors one of the best options for engaging users on a global scale. 

Expanding the number of buyers

Language selectors expand the number of potential buyers. When a website caters to different language speakers, it increases the number of potential buyers because more visitors are engaging your brand. While not every visitor is going to buy the product or service, a language selector increases exposure because it means more people, from varying backgrounds and dialects, can engage with the brand. When visitors see the brand and content in a language they are most familiar with, they are more likely to engage in it, which is important for increasing the number of potential buyers. Studies show that website localisation can increase customer engagement, which is an important step for growth.

Country language selectors are a crucial investment

Country language selectors are crucial for any business hoping to expand into different countries. Expanding into multiple nations is no easy endeavour because companies have to give due consideration to the content and design of their pages. 

A country language selector helps businesses make the most out of their investment by informing users about the available language options and providing an easy means to access the website. Furthermore, country language selectors can be easily installed using the right plugin, making it a crucial investment for businesses.

29th January 2020

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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