Customize Your Website With Our Geolocation API Data

By accessing visitor country, state, city, latitude and longitude using our IP geolocation API, customize your website with location-based personalization.

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website geolocation

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Easy-to-use IP geolocation JavaScript API

Just drop in our JavaScript code and access visitor location data using simple JavaScript variables.

website geolocation

Get visitor country, state, city, latitude & longitude

Our Geo Location API reveals a visitor's country, country code, state name, state code, city name, IP address, and latitude & longitude data.

Use IP geolocation data to automatically center maps

Use visitor latitude & longitude data to auto-position and center maps. Useful for displaying nearest store locations.

website geolocation
website geolocation

Use website geolocation to display visitor location

Use our ready-made location classes to display visitor location in any sentence or paragraph.

Autofill form elements with geolocation data

Use location data and JavaScript to auto-select drop downs and auto-populate form input boxes with location information.

website geolocation

Explore our Geo Location feature set

Country name and country code

Find out which country each visitor is coming from. Get the two-letter ISO country code from our Geo Location tool. Our accuracy is around 99%!

State name and state code

Get visitor state name and ISO state code. This is similar to finding regions in certain countries. State detection accuracy is around 80%.

City name

Find out which major cities visitors are coming from. Our tool detects major cities and not minor suburbs or counties.

Latitude and longitude data

Obtain latitude and longitude data that points to the center of major cities visitors are located in. Data is provided as coordinates.

One-time JavaScript code install

Create dynamic website content with the location data provided via Geo Location's JavaScript functions & HTML classes.

Geolocation data JavaScript functions

Use our JavaScript functions to access location data. Assign your own JavaScript variables to these functions.

Geolocation data HTML class names

HTML classes are provided for each datapoint that can be directly used in HTML to display the data. Useful for easily displaying location data.

Supported by a range of CMS & web platforms

Our code can be added to almost any HTML website including a range of popular CMS & e-commerce platforms.

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How does Geo Location work?

Our Geo Location tool works by auto-detecting website visitors geolocation using their IP address and making location data such as country, country code, state, state code and city available via JavaScript variables and HTML classes.

This allows you to use website geolocation to create dynamic website content that's personalized based on visitor location!

What is the location accuracy of the Geo Location product?

IP geolocation has the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

Is browser permission required before visitor location data is available?

We use IP geolocation technology to detect visitor location. Hence no browser permission is required from the visitor as their IP address is used to derive an approximate and not exact location.

Does Geo Location work for IPV6 addresses?

Yes our Geo Location product and all other products support both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.

Does an IP geolocation database need to be installed?

Our Geo Location product and all other products do not require installation of any IP location databases. Our products use JavaScript to obtain visitor location data by making a request from your visitor's browser to our server.

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