Global brands use geo targeting to boost audience engagement

Geo Targetly helps maximize website conversions by geo targeting your audience. Easily deploy location based page redirects, links, content, popups & more.

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Features to geo target website

Used by global & multi-regional brands worldwide

Stay ahead of the game with our geo targeting tech

Boost your website conversion rate

Show visitors only location relevant content to reduce browsing time and increase conversion

Maximise your business trust factor

Customers trust local businesses. Show your local presence with our geo personalization tools

Raise customers engagement levels

Show location relevant offers, messages, forms and more to increase engagement

Skyrocket your product sales

Take visitors to location relevant websites and product pages to streamline checkout

Explore our powerful geo targeting tools

A suite of easy-to-use tools to geo target your website audience. It only takes minutes to set up and integrate.

geo ip redirect
Auto-redirect visitors to location-relevant pages or websites
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geo ip country block
Block visitors from specific geolocations by redirecting them
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geo content
Dynamically change website content to suit visitor geolocation
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geo targeted popups
Display customized popups based on visitor geolocation
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geo targeted images
Deliver dynamic images that change based on visitor geolocation
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geo targeted stick bars
Display customized notification bars to visitors from different geolocations
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geo ip location api
Get visitor country, state & city using our JavaScript geolocation API
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geo javascript
Execute custom JavaScript code based on visitor geolocation
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geo targeted links and short urls
Create smart links that redirect visitors to URLs based on geolocation
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Advanced location segmentation

Build simple or complex geolocation segments. Geo target visitors by including or excluding countries, states, cities, latitude-longitude-radius zones & IP addresses.

advanced geo location segmentation and rules
flexible geo targeting rules

Flexible rule management

Easily add multiple rules to target various geolocation segments.  Edit, delete, copy and temporarily disable rules without touching any code.

Easy one-time script integration

Integrate the Geo Targetly plugin with your website using our one-time install JavaScript code snippet. All setup changes are made directly in our dashboard without needing to touch code.

geo targeting script
geo targeting analytics

Built-in analytics

Get detailed analytics on each rule you create. See how many views each of your rules are receiving to measure performance and return on investment. Easily export data for further analysis.

Powering geo personalization for SMBs & enterprises

Enterprise IP geolocation accuracy
99.9% uptime + low latency
300M+ geo personalization events/month

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