Global brands use geo targeting to increase conversions

Geo Targetly helps maximize website conversions by geo targeting your audience. Easily deploy location based website redirects, links, content, popups & more.

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All-in-one geo targeting platform

A suite of powerful tools to geo target your website audience

geo ip redirect

Auto-redirect visitors to location-relevant pages or websites or display a popup/annoucment bar asking visitors to 'switch' sites.

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geo targeted links and short urls

Create smart links that redirect visitors to URLs based on geolocation. Connect your custom vanity domain for brand awareness.

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geo content

Dynamically display, show or hide content in your website based on the visitor's geolocation.

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geo ip location api

Easily get visitor IP geolocation data such as country, state & city in your website using JavaScript functions. Perfect for advanced site customization.

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geo targeted popups

Display custom built popups to your website visitors based on they IP geolocation. Great for showing offers & messages to selected locations.

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geo targeted stick bars

Display a sleek announcement bar on the top of your website to visitors based on their IP geolocation. Include a call to action button to boost conversions.

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geo ip country block

Block visitors from specific countries, states, cities & IP addresses from accessing your site by redirecting them away.

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geo javascript

Execute custom JavaScript code in your website based on the visitor's IP geolocation. Perfect for advanced website customization based on location.

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geo targeted images

Deliver dynamic images that change based on visitor geolocation

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All-in-one geo targeting platform

A suite of powerful tools to geo target your audience

all in one geo targeting platform

Redirect your audience
to location specific pages.

A must have set of tools for any multi-location or multi-lingual business incorporating location specific pages or website variants.

redirect your audience to location specific pages
geo redirect icon

Geo Redirection

Redirect your visitors to location specific pages or websites.

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geo link icon

Geo Links

Create a short URL with built in geo redirection capability.

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geo block icon

Geo Blocking

Block unwanted visitors from accessing your website by redirecting them away.

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Show visitors only
location relevant content.

Have landing pages with an audience from multiple geolocations? Maximize conversions by showing location relevant content.

show visitors only location relevant content
geo content icon

Geo Content

Dynamically display text, videos, images, HTML & more based on a visitor's location.

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geo popup icon

Geo Popups

Show location specific offers, messages, coupons & more.

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geo bar icon

Geo Announcement Bars

Display a sleek notification bar with a geo targeted message & call-to-action button.

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Use geolocation data for
advanced customization.

Get visitor geolocation data such as country, state & city directly in your website. Carry out advanced customization such as form auto filling with location data, map centering & more.

user geolocation data for advanced customization
geo location icon

Geo Location

Get visitor country, state & city data in your website for advanced geo personalization.

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geo javascript icon

Geo JavaScript

Deploy & execute JavaScript code variations based on visitor geolocation.

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Take advantage of geo targeting,
it works.

geo targeting can boost visitor experience

Boost visitor experience

Geo targeting is a key method for maximizing user experience

geo targeting can increase audience trust

Increase audience trust

Make your visitor's 'feel local' and instantly increase trust factor.

geo targeting can skyrocket conversions

Skyrocket conversions

Watch your conversions & revenue increase as a result of geo targeting.

A geo targeting platform that's
simple yet powerful.

powerful geo targeting platform
advanced geo location segmentation and rules

location segmentation.

Geo target visitors by including or excluding countries, states, cities, latitude-longitude-radius zones & IP addresses.

Country, state, city, radius & IP targeting

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Enterprise IP geolocation accuracy

flexible geo targeting rules

rule management.

Easily add multiple rules to target various geolocation segments. Edit, delete, copy and disable rules without touching any code.

Create multiple location segments

No code changes required

Simple, easy to use dashboard

geo targeting script

Easy one-time
JavaScript code integration.

Integrate the Geo Targetly with your website using our one-time install JavaScript code snippet.

Simple JavaScript snippet integration

Works with any HTML website

Does not slow down website


Total events processed


Server uptime


Geo personalization events/month
Globally distributed infrastructure from over 10+ regions

Powering geo personalization for
2000+ SMBs & enterprises.

"Great software with incredible support"

- Keith C. (Director IT)

best in class support for geo targeting

Compatible with leading
CMS & eCommerce platforms.

Shopify geo targetingBig Commerce geo targetingSquarespace geo targetingWordpress geo targetingJavascript HTML Shopify geo targetingMagento geo targetingWIX geo targetingWebflow geo targetingPrestashop geo targetingJoomla geo targetingClick Funnels geo targetingWoo Commerce geo targetingOpen Cart geo targetingHubspot geo targetingDrupal geo targetingKentico geo targetingContentful geo targetinggeo targeting on all platforms
Scalable to handle millions of visitors a day

- Bullet proof scalable servers to handle your demand

salable geo targeting for millions of visitors


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"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

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