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How does Geo Browse work?
Geo Browse is a tool designed to capture screenshots of your website from different countries. It works by rendering your website using a proxy located in the selected country of your choice so you can see how your website looks from that country.
Which countries are supported?
At the moment, Geo Browse supports around 80 major countries and we look forward to adding many more in the future. We will also be adding proxies from selected states and cities around the world so you can see how you website looks from these states and cities.
Is Geo Browse free to use?
Yes Geo Browse is completely free to use. Feel free to share Geo Browse with your team as it is a great tool for testing how your website looks in different countries.
What can Geo Browse be used for?
Geo Browse is a useful tool for testing IP geolocation implementations in your website. If you have used IP geolocation to modify content on your site or redirect visitors to country specific pages, the Geo Browse screenshot tool can help you check how your website behaves from different countries.

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