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Security Overview

At Geo Targetly, we believe that in today’s digital age, security is a core consideration in the decision-making process of an organization when purchasing and making use of software as a service products. Thus, we take security seriously to build deep customer relationships
and grow our business into the future. At heart, our security culture is based on a tightly bound software development team with
all aspects of our software developed and maintained in-house without any outsourcing to third parties. This allows us to have a deep understanding of any potential risks as we thoroughly know the in and outs of our software.

Cloud Security

We utilize Google Cloud’s state of the art infrastructure to run our servers and databases. More information on Google Cloud’s security & compliance can be found in the link below:

Application Security

Our software is designed and built from the ground up with data isolation and data authentication in mind. We utilize Google Cloud’s user management and authentication products to provide secure login, authentication, password management and two-factor authentication for our customer accounts. Our data access rules are regular tested to ensure each customer’s data is secure.

Information Security

Your information security is our priority. As such we ensure only well known and established third party tools that have appropriate security measures in place are utilized in our organization. We utilize Intercom as support/communication platforms for our customers. More
information on their security & compliance can be found in this link We also utilize Send Grid for transaction email to customers. More information on their security can be found in this link

Infrastructure Security

We believe one of the weakest links in security is human error and poor management of devices such as PC's, laptops and mobile phones. Thus we ensure only key employees have access to our cloud platforms. We also ensure access to our cloud platforms are secured by strong authentication including two factor authentication. Our devices are also protected by anti-virus software that conducts regular scans including threat detection for files and websites accessed by the device.

Payments Security

We utilize Stripe and Paypal as our payment processors and do not store any complete credit card numbers and CVC numbers in our system. This data is encrypted and stored with our payment processors. More information on their security & compliance can be found in
the links below:

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the link below for more information:

Service Agreement

Please refer to our Software As A Service Agreement in the link below for more information:

Data Processing & Agreement

Please request our Data Processing Reschedule from one of our staff to be emailed to you. To get an overview of how we process data, please refer to the link below for more information:

For any questions, please contact us at

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