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Automatically block visitors to your website by
country, state & city using IP geolocation technology.
Easy to setup, no coding required.

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Trusted by 2000+ websites built on leading CMS, eCommerce & HTML platforms

Powerful geo IP blocking
Easy to use, no coding required

Geo block your entire website
or only particular pages

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Block visitors by country state, city, radius & IP address
Block visitors by country
state, city, radius & IP address

Block visitors by including or excluding countries, states, cities, latitude-longitude-radius zones & IP addresses. Create customized location rules for complex blocking.

Easy one time geo block
script integration

Integrate our geo block service by placing a one time provided block script in your website's HTML header. Low latency & hosted in Google Cloud for performance.

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geo block analytics
In-built blocking

See how many visits are blocked for each location segment with daily and monthly analytics data.

Automatically geo block visitors to your website
Reduce spam, fraud & legal issues

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Trusted by 2000+ websites worldwide

How does geo IP blocking work?

Geo blocking is the process of blocking visitors from certain countries, states & cities from accessing your website or certain pages of your website. Geo blocking visitors from unwanted locations can greatly help reduce spam, fraud and legal issues on your website.

When a visitor arrives in your website, Geo Targetly will firstly automatically determine their country, state, city, latitude, longitude & IP address Secondly, Geo Targetly will loop through a set of location blocking rules defined by you and if a location match is found, a geo block will be initiated by redirecting the visitor to a blocked URL of your choice.

The entire process of detecting visitor geolocation and initiating a geo block occurs automatically in a few milliseconds. The visitor does not need to provide any perimission in their browser to share their location.

Geo blocking FAQs

How accurate is IP geolocation based blocking?

IP geolocation based blocking has the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile or desktop devices.

How long does it take to be blocked?

Our servers will obtain visitor geolocation and initiate the block in approximately 80 to 300 milliseconds. Hence your visitors will feel an almost instant geo block.

Is permission required before the visitor is blocked?

We use IP geolocation technology to detect visitor location. Hence no browser permission is required from the visitor for our geo blocking service to work.

How does the geo block service integrate into my website?

Integration of our geo blocking service involves pasting a small geo block script into your website header.

How does geo blocking affect SEO?

Geo blocking will block search engine crawlers, thus it is important to setup your blocking and landing pages correctly.

Can visitors be blocked by country?

Yes our geo blocking service can detect and block visitors by their country. Our service works worldwide in all countries.

Can visitors be blocked by state/region?

Yes our geo blocking service can detect and block visitors by their state or region. Our service will detect states & regions worldwide.

Can visitors be block by city?

Yes our geo blocking service can detect and block visitors by their city. Our service will detect cities worldwide.

Can visitors be blocked by ZIP code?

Unfortunately ZIP code detection is not possible with IP geolocation and hence we don't offer this granular location based blocking.

Can visitors be blocked by IP address?

Yes our service allows you to specify individual IP addresses to be blocked.

Can I whitelist IP addresses from being blocked?

Yes and IP whitelisting feature is available where you can whitelist certain IP addresses or a particular range from being affected by the geo block.

How much does the geo blocking service cost?

The cost of our geo block service depends on the number of page views (requests) your website gets. These page views are only counted on the page which contains our geo blocking script. Please see our pricing page for details.

Does the geo block service come with a free trial?

We provide a 14 day full feature trial so you can integrate and see first hand how our geo block service works. No credit card is required for the trial.

Complete set of geo blocking features
that will solve your requirements

Multiple Block Rules

Create multiple geo blocking rules each with it's own block URL and locations. No limit on the number of block rules you can create.

Inclusion & Exclusion Rules

Use inclusion and exlusion rules to build complex geolocation areas such as 'everyone in country X but outside city Y' will be blocked.

Block Entire Website

Place our blocking script in all pages of your website to block your entire site from unwanted visitors.

Block Specific Pages

Specify the URL of your page and only that page and subpages will be blocked. For example you can block all 'shop' pages.

IP Address Whitelisting

Whitelist particular IP addresses or use wildcards to whitelist a range of IP addresses from being affected by the geo block.

Country Blocking

Block visitors from particular countries. There is no limit to the number of countries that can be blocked.

State/Region Blocking

Block visitors from particular states. There is no limit to the number of states or regions that can be blocked.

City Blocking

Block visitors from particular cities. There is no limit to the number of cities that can be blocked.

Radius Blocking

Block visitors using a radius zone by specifying a center latitude and longitude coordinate with a radius.

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