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Increase engagement and click-through rates using dynamic geotargeted images and banners.

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geo targeted images

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Show client logos relevant to your visitor's geolocation

Client logos can increase trust among your visitors. Take it one step further by displaying client logos according to your visitor's geolocation.

geo targeted images
geo targeted images

Change header or slider images based on location

Header images are the first element seen by visitors. Why not capture their attention by displaying geotargeted header images?

Deliver geo targeted ad banners to increase revenue

Do you run ad banners on your site? Increase revenue by introducing ad banners that are based on visitor geolocation.

geo targeted images
geo targeted images

Display location-based offers using geotargeted images

Tailor your offers and coupons to each visitor with geotargeted images for increased conversions. Perfect for multi-national or regional businesses.

Explore our Geo Image feature set

Country, state & city based images

Show images based on a visitor's country, state/region or major city. Supports all countries, states & cities worldwide (except in China).

IP address & radius images

Show images based on a visitor's IP address or an entire IP range. Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point.

Bulk import multiple locations

Add multiple countries, states, IP addresses & radii to create location segments. Bulk import locations using CSV for easy management.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Use inclusion and exclusion rules for easier targeting. For example, show geotargeted images to everyone in the US except in the state of California.

Multiple image rules

Create as many Geo Image rules as you wish, with each rule having its own geotargeted image and locations.

Default image rule

Show a default image to visitors who don't match any rules. Useful for targeting the general audience.

On, off, copy & delete rules

Easily manage image rules on our intuitive dashboard. Turn on/off, copy, and delete bar rules without the need to update your code.

No image URL update required

All changes are made directly on our intuitive dashboard. No image URL update is required when changes are made.

Dynamic-generated image URL

Get an image URL that can be used anywhere just like any other image URL. The relevant geo image source will be dynamically delivered.

Add image URL to img src attribute

Use the provided Geo Image URL in your website's HTML img src attributes just like any standard image URL.

Change images without updating image URL

Make changes to geotargeted images without updating the Geo Image URL. Edit image rules in real time.

Learn more about Geo Images

How do Geo Images work?

Our Geo Image product works by generating an image URL, which auto-detects visitor geolocation (country, state or city) and dynamically deliver an appropriate image, based on a set of rules configured by you.

What is the loaction accuracy of Geo Images?

IP geolocation based images have the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

Is browser permission required to view a Geo Image?

We use IP geolocation technology to detect visitor location. Hence no browser permission is required from the visitor for our geo image service to work.

How fast does the Geo Image load?

Our severs will load the targeted image URL in between 50 to 300 milliseconds.

How do Geo Images integrate into my website?

Once you setup the image vs location rules, you will be given a unique image URL to be used in your website. Use this image URL just like any other standard image in your website's HTML.

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