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What's My IP Address Geolocation?

See where Geo Targetly is detecting your IP address location.
Have a multi-regional website? Use our Geo Redirect tool to automatically route traffic by country, state or city.
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How do we work out geo location from your IP address?

Geo Targetly can work's out your geolocation by matching your IP address against a database that contains IP addresses vs physical locations. Each IP address is unique and points to a fixed location that is specified by internet service providers (ISPs).

When you visit this page, we will automatically detect your IP address and extract your country, state & city.

How accurate is this IP geolocation?

IP geolocation can have an approximate accuracy of 99% on the country level, 80-90% on a state level and 70-80% on a city level. The accuracy can vary depending on your country and if you are using WI-FI or a mobile network.

It is important to utilize a well trusted and reputable source of IP to address location providers in order to ensure your IP address location is being resolved correctly.

What to do if my IP address location is incorrect?

Due to the large number of new IP addresses or relocation of IP addresses, there is a chance your IP may point to an incorrect location especially on a state or city level.

There is nothing you can do about as your ISP's and IP to location database providers need to update it's location. This may take some time possibly a few weeks.

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