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Generate short URL links that automatically redirect clicks by country, state & city. Drive traffic to multi-location websites from your social media posts with redirect URLs.

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Trusted by global & multi-regional brands worldwide

Send visitors to country-specific product pages

Selling products on Amazon, Ebay or other stores with multiple international listings? Guide traffic based on geolocation to country-specific pages with Geo Links.

geo links
geo links

Drive traffic from social media platforms to location-specific domains

Do you have multiple domains for each region but only one social media page? Use our Geo Links tool to route visitors from your social media pages to region-specific domains.

Generate friendly gtly.io & gtly.ink short URLs

Our Geo Link short URLs come with two friendly domain names to choose from, 'gtly.io' and 'gtly.ink'. There's more to come...

geo links
geo links

Connect your own vanity domain & create customized page aliases

Boost brand awareness by connecting your custom domains with our redirect URLs along with generating custom aliases

Pass page paths & query strings for tracking purposes

Need to track referrer sources & ad campaigns or send visitors to a particular page? Not a problem, our Geo Links can do that with a few clicks.

geo links

Explore our Geo Link feature set

Country, state & city-based link redirection

Redirect link clicks by visitor country, state/region or city. Include or exclude multiple countries, states & cities to create  location segments.

IP address & radius link redirection

Redirect link clicks by visitors IP address or an entire IP range. Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point with our Geo Links tool.

Bulk import multiple locations

Add multiple countries, states, IP addresses & radii to create location segments. Bulk import locations using CSV for easy management.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Use inclusion and exclusion rules for easier targeting. For example, redirect clicks for everyone in US except in the state of California.

Multiple link redirection rules

Create as many geo link redirect rules as you wish, each with its own locations.

Default link redirection rule

Redirect visitors who don't match any rule to a default URL with our Geo Links tool.

On, off, copy & delete rules

Easily manage link redirect rules in our intuitive dashboard. Turn on/off, copy & delete redirect rules without the need to your link.

Pass page paths & query parameters

Pass any page path or query attached to the short URL to the final destination URL. This is specifically useful for tracking purposes.

gtly.to & gtly.ink short URLs

Get two, friendly short URL domains with every geo link you create. Post these short URLs anywhere!

Customized domains (coming soon)

Our enterprise customers can boost their branding by connecting their own domains to our Geo Link service.

Custom URL Aliases (coming soon)

Modify the path of your geo links to create a URL that adds value.

Learn more about Geo Links

How do Geo Links work?

Our Geo Links tool works by generating a short URL, which when clicked on, will auto-detect visitor geolocation (country, state or city) and then initiate a redirect to an appropriate URL, based on a set of rules configured by you.

What is the location detection accuracy of geo links?

Our IP geolocation based link redirection has the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

Is browser permission required before the link redirect?

We utilize IP based geolocation to detect visitor location. Hence the link redirection is seamless without the requirement for any browser permission.

Is the link redirect instant?

When someone clicks on a geo link you have created, our servers will detect visitor location and process geo rules between 50ms to 300ms. Hence your visitors will feel and almost instant redirect.

What is the difference between Geo Links and Geo Redirection

The Geo Link product generates a short URL link that can be posted anywhere. The visitor is redirected upon clicking the short URL link. Geo Redirection works by redirecting visitors who visit your site from particular geolocations.

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300M+ geo personalization events/month

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