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Generate short URL links that automatically redirect clicks by country, state & city.
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Redirect visitors by country state, city, radius & IP address
Redirect link clicks by country
state, city, radius & IP address

Build simple & complex geolocation segments. Redirect link clicks by including or excluding countries, states, cities, latitude-longitude-radius zones & IP addresses.

Generate a friendly short URL

Every geo link setup you create comes with a short URL. Post this URL anywhere on the web and social media.

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In-built link click

See how many link clicks are occuring for each location segment with daily analytics data and monthly analytics data.

How do geo links work?

Geo IP based links work by redirecting the visitor clicking on the link to a location relevant page.

When a visitor clicks on your smart geo based link, Geo Targetly will firstly use their IP address to determine their country, state & city. Secondly, Geo Targetly will run through your location redirect rules and if a match is found, a redirect will be initiated to the specified URL.

If no match is found, you can opt to have the visitor taken to a default web page.

This entire process happens seamlessly within a few milliseconds to give visitors an almost instant feel.

Geo link FAQs

How accurate is the location detection?

IP geolocation data we use has following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

How long does it take to be redirected?

Upon clicking on the geo link, visitors will be taken to the final URL in 80 to 300 milliseconds, giving an almost instant feel.

Is permission required before the visitor is redirected?

No permission is required from ther visitor as IP geolocation is seamless and does not require the browser to accept location sharing.

Can visitors be redirected by country?

Yes our geo links can detect visitor country. Our service works worldwide in all countries.

Can link clicks be redirected by state/region?

Yes our geo links can detect visitor state and region. Our service will detect states & regions worldwide.

Can link clicks be redirect by city?

Yes our geo links can detect visitor city. Our service will detect cities worldwide.

Can link clicks be redirected by ZIP code?

Unfortunately ZIP code detection is not possible with IP geolocation and hence we don't offer this granular location based redirection.

How much does the geo link service cost?

The cost of our geo link service depends on the number of link clicks. Each link click is also known as a 'request'. Please see our pricing page for details.

Does the geo link service come with a free trial?

We provide a 14 day full feature trial so you start creating and experimenting with geo links right away. No credit card is required for the trial.

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Complete geo link feature set

Multiple Redirect Rules

Create multiple redirect URL's each with its own set of location segments. No limit on the number of redirect URLs.

Default Redirection Rule

Take link clicks to a default webpage if their location does not match any of the configured rules.

Inclusion & Exclusion Rules

Use inclusion and exlusion location rules to build complex geolocation areas such as 'everyone in country X but outside city Y'

Country Redirection

Take link clicks to a particular page based on the visitor's country. No limit to the number of country rules.

State/Region Redirection

Take link clicks to a particular page based on the visitor's state/region. No limit to the number of state/region rules.

City Redirection

Take link clicks to a particular page based on the visitor's city. No limit to the number of city rules you can create.

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