Execute Third Party JavaScript Code Based On Geolocation

Run JavaScript snippets in your website based on a visitor's country, state or city. Execute third-party tools such as popups, forms & tracking scripts based on visitor geolocation.

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Run third party popups & trackers based location

Using an existing popup tool or lead capture tool that you need to make location aware? Wrap these scripts with our Geo JavaScript service to ensure they are only seen by visitors from selected locations.

Execute custom JS code based on geolocation

Have some customized JavaScript that you need to execute for particular geolocations? Just drop in your JavaScript into the Geo JavaScript service to enable execution for specific visitor geolocations.

Run cookie consent scripts for EU visitors only

With GDPR in action, you may need to run particular services for EU visitors or non EU visitors. Our Geo JavaScript service can easily execute these scripts for EU or non EU visitors only.

Easy to setup & integrate into most websites

Our Geo JavaScript service is easy to setup and integrate. Just drop in your third party JavaScript code into our location rules and add our Geo JavaScript code to your website.

Explore our Geo Javascript feature set

Country, state & city content

Execute JavaScript based on visitor country, state/region or major city. Supports all countries, states & cities worldwide (except in China).

IP address & radius content

Execute JavaScript based on visitor IP address or an entire IP range. Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point.

Bulk import multiple locations

Add multiple countries, states, IP addresses & radii to create location segments. Bulk import locations using CSV for easy management.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Using inclusion & exclusion rules for easier targeting. For example, execute JavaScript for everyone in US except in the state of California.

Multiple JavaScript rules

Create as many geo JavaScript rules as you wish, each with its own locations. Each rule can have its own JavaScript

Default JavaScript rule

Optionally show execute JavaScript for visitors who don't match any rule. Useful if you need to run JavaScript for general visitors.

On, off, copy & delete rules

Easily manage JavaScript rules in our intuitive dashboard. Turn on/off, copy & delete JavaScript rules without the need to update code.

No code update required

All changes are made directly in our intuitive dashboard. No code update is required when changes are made.

Edit executable JavaScript in our editors

Edit JavaScript for each rule using our in-built editors. Code update is not required in your website when changes are made.

JavaScript based script tag

Integration involves inserting the provided Geo JavaScript script tag in your website's HTML where it needs to be executed.

Supported by a range of CMS & web platforms

Our Geo JavaScript code will load in approx. 60-300 milliseconds and will work in almost all website's & CMS platforms.

One-time code install

Simple one-time code install into your website. All setup changes can be made directly in our dashboard without the need to update code.

Learn more about Geo JavaScript

How does Geo Javascript work?

Our Geo JavaScript product works by auto detecting your website visitors geolocation (country, state or city) and then executing custom JavaScript code based on a set of rules configured by you.

What is the location accuracy of Geo Javascript?

IP geolocation based JavaScript has the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

Is browser permission required before the JavaScript is executed?

We use IP geolocation technology to detect visitor location. Hence no browser permission is required from the visitor for our geo JavaScript service to work.

How does Geo Javascript integrate into a website?

Integration of our geo JavaScript service involves pasting a small script into your website header or footer.

How long does it take for the Geo Javascript to execute?

Our servers will obtain visitor geolocation and deliver the JavaScript to your site in approximately 50 to 300 milliseconds.

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