Display location based announcement bars

Attract attention and drive conversions from geo-specific audiences using attractive geo notification bars. Easy to setup with no coding required.

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Geo targeted announcement bars
made simple.

Show a 'free shipping' message to local visitors
Show geo targeted offers & coupon codes
Convert local audiences with geo targeted buttons
Display location specific alerts & messages
Promote select products based on visitor geolocation
Show a 'free shipping' message to local visitors

Shipping rates are a critical conversion factor. Boost conversions from local customers by showing your reduced or free local shipping costs.

Show geo targeted offers & coupon codes

Running a promotion or have a coupon code for one of your business' branches? Use geo notification bars to communicate these to visitors specific to that region.

Convert local audiences with geo targeted buttons

Our Geo Bars come with an optional call-to-action button. Increase your click through rate with these attractive buttons.

Display alerts & messages to visitors from certain locations

Have a global audience but need to display a critical message to visitors from a particular country? Our Geo Bars are perfect for this.

Promote select products based on visitor geolocation

Do specific products sell more to visitors from a particular geolocation? Why not promote them to these visitors only using location based notifications?


Get your audiences attention using
location relevant messaging.

Boost visitor experience

Instantly show your visitors offers relevant to their location.

Increase audience trust

Make your visitors 'feel local' by displaying location specific messages.

Skyrocket conversions

Geo personalized messaging can instantly increase conversions.


Display geo targeted announcements
in minutes.

location rules.

Use our intuitive dashboard to create location segments. Create an announcement bar design for each segment.


JavaScript code.

Copy a one-time install JavaScript snippet into your website footer.

Your visitors
will see geo bars.

If a visitor's location matches your rules, they will see the specific geo targeted announcement bar.

"Does exactly what it does on the box effectively."

- Dillon A.

geolocation segmentation

Continent, country, state & city geo bars

Show announcement bars to visitors based on their country, state/region or major city. Supports all countries, states & cities worldwide.

IP address & IP range geo bars

Show announcement bars to visitors by their IP address or an entire IP range. Useful for targeting specific user groups, companies or known visitors.

Radius based geo bars

Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point. Minimum allowable radius is 50km.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Use inclusion & exclusion rules for easier targeting. For example, show announcement bars to all visitors from the US except those from California.

geo bar rules.

Multiple geo bar rules

Create as many geo bar rules as you wish, each with its own locations. Each rule can have customized bar designs.

Default rule for non matching locations

Show a default bar to visitors who do not match any rules. Useful for targeting the general audience.

Show on specific pages & subpages

Display Geo Bars on specific pages, entire website or a group of subpages.

In-built cookie expiry

Show the announcement bar only once per X hours. Start the cookie time upon bar view or after an interaction.

Easy to use
design features & elements.

Customizable colors

Change the bar's background, text or button color to make it seamlessly integrate with the your site.

Customizable text + HTML

Tailor the single line of text & button text. Include HTML in the text for advanced customization.

Call-to-action button

Add an optional call-to-action button to your site's notification bar with a URL of your choice. Take advantage of geo targeted call-to-action buttons!

Fixed/floating bars & choice of location

Choose a fixed/floating bar and place it at either the top or bottom of the site. Floating bars are always visible when scrolling.

"Great software with incredible support"

- Keith C. (Director IT)


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