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Geo Notification Bars

Display notification bars on your website based on visitor geolocation. Target visitors by country, state & city using IP geolocation technology.

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Displaying geo targeted notifications made easy

Setup Your Website

Setup your website by specifying your domain or a particular page URL where geo bars should display

  • Display bars all pages of website or only specific URL
  • Name your geo bar for easy recognition
Setup Your Website
Set A Cookie Expiry Time
Set A Cookie Expiry Time

Display bars only on first visit using our in-built cookie expiry time

  • Set time in 0.1 hour increments
  • No limit on number of hours cookie expiry can be set
  • Useful for improving visitor browsing experience
Configure Geo Bars

Create multiple bar-location pairs each with it's own location segment. No limit on number of bars

  • Include & exclude multiple locations to create a segment
  • Easily turn off a specific bar when not required
  • Easily edit bar message & background color
  • Add optional button with link
Configure Geo Bars
Optional Default Bar
Optional Default Bar

Setup an optional default bar if none of the configured location segments are targeted

  • Easily turn on or off the default bar
  • Useful for showing a bar if visitor is not targeted
Integrate Geo Bar Script

Paste a simple javascript code snippet into your website and body to display bars

  • One time script integration only
  • Once installed, it does not need to be touched
  • Non blocking type to prevent website speed slowdown
  • Low latency to minimize content display time
Integrate Geo Bar Script
Test Your Website
Test Your Website

Test your website response by injecting a location with the in built testing tool

  • Inject a country, region, city, lat-lng
  • Isolate testing to only your IP address
  • Easily turn test mode on or off
  • Useful when you don't have a VPN
Analyze Your Bars

Get detailed analytics on each location segment to work out your return on investment

  • Daily bar stats on each location segment
  • Summary of total visitors vs targeted visitors
  • Get monthly and yearly totals
Analyze Your Bars

Get the attention of local visitors by showing them targeted messages

Everything you need to successfully create geo targeted messages

Multiple Bar-Location Pairs

Create multiple notification bars each with it's own location segment including an optional default bar.

Powerful Location Segmentation

Build complex location segments by including and excluding countries, regions, cities, IPs & radius-zones.

Customized Notification Bar Design

Customize the bar color, add a message and an optional button with link. Set optional cookie expiry time.

Easy Setup & Integration

Use our visual dashboard for setup and integrate using a single code snippet. No coding experience needed.

No Intrusive IP Geolocation

Your visitors will be shown the right bar without needing to accept their location is being shared.

Performance Analytics

Get daily, monthly and yearly stats for each location segment to monitor return on investment.

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Geo target your audience today
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