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Attract attention and drive conversions from geo-specific audiences using attractive geo notification bars. Easy to setup with no coding required.

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geo targeted sticky notification bar

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Show a 'free shipping' message to local visitors

Shipping rates are a critical conversion factor. Boost conversions from local customers by showing your reduced or free local shipping costs.

A geo notification about free shipping to a specific location
Location based notifications to show geo targeted offers

Show geo targeted offers & coupon codes

Running a promotion or have a coupon code for one of your business' branches? Use geo notification bars to communicate these to visitors specific to that region.

Convert local audiences with geo targeted buttons

Our Geo Bars come with an optional call-to-action button. Increase your click through rate with these attractive buttons.

geo targeted buttons

Display alerts & messages to visitors from certain locations

Have a global audience but need to display a critical message to visitors from a particular country? Our Geo Bars are perfect for this.

Promote select products based on visitor geolocation

Do specific products sell more to visitors from a particular geolocation? Why not promote them to these visitors only using location based notifications?

Explore our Geo Bar feature set

Country, state & city-based popups

Show bars to visitors based on their country, state/region or major city. Supports all countries, states & cities worldwide (except China).

IP address & radius redirection

Show bars to visitors based on their IP address or an entire IP range. Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point.

Bulk import multiple locations

Add multiple countries, states, IP addresses & radii to create location segments. Bulk import locations using CSV files for easy management.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Use inclusion & exclusion rules for easier targeting. For example, show a geo bar to all visitors from the US except those from California.

Multiple bar rules

Create as many geo bar rules as you wish, each with its own locations. Each rule can have customized bar designs.

Default notification bar rule

Show a default bar to visitors who do not match any rules. Useful for targeting the general audience.

On, off, copy & delete rules

Easily manage bar rules through our dashboard. Turn on/off, copy & delete bar rules without updating any code.

No code update required

All changes are made directly in our intuitive dashboard. No code update is required when changes are made.

Customizable colors

Change the bar's background, text or button color to make it seamlessly integrate with the your site.

Customizable text + HTML

Tailor the single line of text & button text. Include HTML in the text for advanced customization.

Call-to-action button

Add an optional call-to-action button to your site's notification bar with a URL of your choice. Take advantage of geo targeted call-to-action buttons!

Fixed/floating bars & choice of location

Choose a fixed/floating bar and place it at either the top or bottom of the site. Floating bars are always visible when scrolling.

One-time code install

Simple one-time code install into your website. All setup changes can be made directly in our dashboard without updating any code.

JavaScript-based footer code

The code of our geo notification bar is JavaScript-based and could be inserted anywhere in your website's HTML footer.

Asynchronous & non-blocking

Our bar code is asynchronous and will not slow down your site. It will load in approx. 60-300 milliseconds as the rest of your site loads.

Supported by a range of CMS & web platforms

Our bar code can be added to almost any HTML website including a range of popular CMS & e-commerce platforms.

Learn more about Geo Bars

How do Geo Notification Bars work?

Our Geo Bar product works by automatically detecting your website visitors' geolocation (country, state or city) and then displaying an appropriate sticky notification bar based on a set of rules configured by you.

What is the location accuracy of Geo Bars?

IP geolocation based notification bars have the following approximate accuracies: country (99%), state (90%), city (80%). The accuracy can vary in different countries and with mobile/desktop devices.

Is browser permission required before the Geo Bar is shown?

We use IP geolocation technology to detect visitor location. Hence no browser permission is required from the visitor for our geo bar service to work.

Is the Geo Bar design customizable?

Yes the text and colours of the message and button can be selected. You can also disable the button if it is not required. The text can also include HTML.

Is there a cookie feature available to only show the Geo Bar once?

Yes we provide a cookie feature that allows you to set the time period in which the notification bar is shown or clicked on. This will only show the notification bar once in the set time period. For example you can set 30 days to only show the bar once in 30 days to a visitor.

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