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How can you use IP geolocation tools to prevent phishing attacks?

When it comes to website security, there are few things that businesses dread more than phishing attacks. As of May 2019, 43% of cyber attacks still target small businesses.

When it comes to website security, there are few things that businesses dread more than phishing attacks. As of May 2019, 43% of cyber attacks still target small businesses. Fortunately, we now live at a time where simple IP geolocation tools can help prevent a spate of these malicious efforts.

To begin with, what exactly are phishing attacks and why do you need to be on guard against these? Phishing refers to an attack that steals user data, including crucial tidbits of information like login credentials and credit card numbers.

These usually occur because hackers assume the identity of a trusted entity and compel users to open an email or other types of message. Needless to say, these attacks damage the credibility of businesses and make user wary of developing relationships with them.

In our post, we dive into how you can prevent phishing attacks through the use of IP geolocation tools. Sounds impossible? Let’s take a look.

IP geolocation tools

Create phishing profiles and block them

One advantage businesses have on their side when it comes to preventing this type of cyber attack is the ability to see from where these attacks originate. In fact, companies now have the power to trace the IP addresses used by attackers through the use of location identification tools.

While you may not be able to pinpoint an exact location, you should be able to identify a particular country or region from where the attacks are originating.

Using this information, your IT professionals can build geo-profiles of recurring perpetrators and block them from even accessing your website.

It’s important to remember, however, that the culprits are not going to make it easy for you to find them. In fact, through the use of VPNs, they can mask their IP addresses. Because of this, you will need to build a profile using more than just geolocation.

Here, experts usually go through details like the grammar embedded in software code and the metadata in discarded malware to create these profiles. Location identification then becomes more accurate and it becomes easier to prevent phishing attacks.

Protect your email network from suspicious emails and attachments

Apart from your website, it’s equally crucial that you protect your email network from the possibility of phishing attacks.

Using your geodata, you can inform your email service providers to block or spam messages coming in from certain devices. Certain IP netblocks - which is a range of consecutive IP addresses - should be marked as spam.

Make sure that you also ask your employees to check for spoofed email addresses used for BEC scams, be wary of external URLs that may redirect to suspicious domains, and to avoid downloading or opening files with unknown attachments.

Additionally, make sure you block any communication coming in from locations known for fraudulent of phishing activity.

Make sure customer information is secure

If your customers are displaying irregular online behaviour, make sure you reach out to them to verify their information and their purchases.

Here, look for purchase requests from countries in far-flung or unusual locations.

Sometimes, even if their data has been stolen by malicious phishing attackers, you can prevent purchases from going through with one phone call to the real owner. If this is too much of a hassle, you can simply incorporate payment verification prompts like OTP requests to increase the security of customer data.

Use sophisticated IP geolocation tools to increase website security and protect customer data!

Beyond the power of generating visitor data and all of the other features we constantly discuss, IP geolocation tools also have the power to protect your site from damaging phishing attacks. Nowadays, if customer data security is breached, you don’t just have to worry about your reputation, but legal consequences as well.

As such, protecting your website is of the utmost importance. By leveraging geo-blocking tools and the data you gather with this software, this is now easier than it’s ever been!


9th July 2019

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