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How to make the most of a URL link shortener

For marketers, the URL link shortener is a trusty companion. A simple tool, at first glance, it possesses reserves of power to perform a number of functions, especially if it has also got geolocation capabilities.

For marketers, the URL link shortener is a trusty companion. A simple tool, at first glance, it possesses reserves of power to perform a number of functions, especially if it has also got geolocation capabilities.        

Beyond the obvious ability to shorten unnecessarily long URLs, though, many are unaware of the URL link shortener’s hidden abilities. At Geo Targetly, one of our number one aims is to educate our customers about the many benefits that await them with this tool.        

If you’ve also been in the dark about what features and capabilities you can leverage with the right link shortener, our post is the perfect place to start!

URL link shortener


Drive visitors to regional websites based on their location


Do you have just one social media profile for all your regional websites, but want to make sure each user is redirected to the relevant regional website?        

With a geo-based URL link shortener, this is just a matter of shortening your URLs and adding them to your social posts. These links then re-direct users to the appropriate site based on their location. With one simple move, you increase the likelihood of conversion and further customer engagement.        

Beyond your actual marketing objectives and goals, it also shows your customers and leads that you’re serious about providing them with a convenient and intuitive shopping experience.


Create custom URL aliases and connect multiple domains (coming soon to Geo Targetly)


If you get your hands on a particularly sophisticated URL link shortener, you can also create custom aliases.        

By showing your visitors exactly where your link will take them, it’s more likely that they will click it. You can also customise your links in a way that boosts brand awareness and connect your custom domains with geo links.


Link shorteners track, collect and compile data


Another seriously handy feature of these types of tools is that they can compile data for you in a way that makes its analysis an almost thoughtless process.        

With a geo-based shortener, you’d receive data and statistics on configured geo-based rules in addition to information the websites that redirected them to your site and other types of click data. Naturally, this kind of information will prove useful; it’ll help you realign your strategies where you need to in order to increase website traffic.        

It also helps you understand your customers better, what their behaviours, interests, and preferences are, for instance.        

Imagine the data and insights you’d be able to access, after some time, from all the links you’ve ever shared. With a little analysis, this data can deliver new marketing and advertising strategies that improve customer engagement and your outreach efforts.


They promote content sharing


For companies that are keen on increasing their brand awareness or website traffic, attention-grabbing, bite-sized pulls (those that redirect users back to your website), are key.        

Absolutely no one wants to receive posts or shares containing long, dodgy links. Short, customised URLs display a thoughtfulness on your part that can go a long way in getting customers to click that first, all-important link.        

Pulling the same users back, thereafter, will prove to be much easier.        

Short URLs are also very useful on social media platforms like Twitter, where character count can be seriously limited if your link is longer than necessary. More than character count, however, concise links also appear more professional.


Maintaining your SEO prowess


Another benefit you enjoy with the right URL link shortener is that you maintain the results of your painstaking SEO efforts.        

Here, the key is to ensure that the shortened link has a 301-type redirect, which many link shorteners use. This is so that you maintain SEO power within your domain and not pass it on to the shortening domain you’re using!


Use a geo-based URL link shortener to enjoy higher returns!


URL link shorteners are standard tools used by many businesses. Yet, ignoring the amazing capabilities they come with - beyond that of shortening links - is a mistake.        

By leveraging the functionality these tools offer, you can now collect and analyse visitor behaviour, ensure that your SEO efforts are upheld, create custom URLs that improve brand awareness and drive your visitors to the right regional website with just one link.



1st July 2019

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Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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