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1. Use separate websites for each country with country level domains

Most major global brands selling in multiple countries utilize separate country level domains (.ca,, etc.) and websites. This allows them to tailor content, products and pricing for each country helping to boost trust and relevance. They also utilize geo redirection to route traffic from their main .com site to the country specific site.

2. Split your site into regional sub-folders or sub-domains

Sometimes it is not possible to own country level domains and operate separate sites. In such case many major brands also utilize country specific sub-folders:,, etc or country level sub-domains:,, etc. Geo redirection is then used to route traffic from the main site to the relevant sub-folder or sub-domain.

3. Use location specific landing pages

The purpose of landing page is to sell! Maximizing conversions on landing pages is critical and geo targeting landing pages i.e. having separate landing pages to suit visitors from specific countries or regions can help boost relevance and trust as this allows you to tailor content to the visitor's location. Once you have location specific landing pages, you can use geo redirection to route visitors to the relevant landing page.

4. Automatically redirect visitors to local/regional pages or sites

Auto-redirect visitors using geo redirection to location-based pages or websites based on their geolocation. If you already have location specific sites or pages, this is a perfect way to ensure visitors end up in their relevant location site.

5. Show a popup telling visitors to 'switch' to your local or regional site

If you have separate websites for reach region, let your visitors know by prompting them to visit the site for their region. This can be done by utilizing simple geo redirect popups or notification bars asking them to 'switch' to the local site.

6. Use HREFLANG tags for region specific websites or pages

HREFLANG tags allow search engines to recognize you have regional variants of specific pages or domains. Use them to boost local SEO listing in country specific search engines or localized search results. Use geo redirection in combination with HREFLANG tags to ensure visitors are sent to the relevant regional site. Need to generate HREFLANg tags? Use a HREFLANG tag generator!

7. Create localized pricing pages with local currency and pricing

Correct pricing is critical to maximizing conversion rate. Using localized pricing as well as local currency is a perfect way to remove any price doubts and barriers from a customers decision process. The easiest way to create separate localized pricing pages for your products / services and automatically route traffic to the relevant pricing page based on their location using geo redirection.

8. Put effort into 'localized' SEO

If your product or service is utilized around the world or in multiple regions, using localized SEO i.e. content tailored to the visitors location can greatly help increase your brands visibility. Make use of localized content pages, landing pages, product pages and pricing pages. Use geo redirection to route visitors to the correct location page and don't forget to use HREFLANG tags to tell crawlers you have localized variants.

9. Display location specific coupons and offers

Often you may want to run a camapign or offer for customers in a specific location. There is no better way to do this than using geo targeted popups and banners to display these offers only to visitors from the specific location. This avoid visitors outside this region from seeing irrelevant content.

10. Display free shipping notifications to visitors from specific locations

Shipping prices affect your profits! Why not offer free shipping or discounted shipping only to visitors near your business or located in your country of operation. Make use of geo targeted notification banners to display free shipping messages only to these visitors.

11. Use geo targeted affiliate links

If you are selling affiliate products, having smart geo routing links can help send traffic to the country/regional product page. For example if you are selling Amazon products, routing visitors to the country specific Amazon product page can greatly boost conversion.

12. Block visitors from specific locations

Receiving spam traffic from certain countries or want to ensure your products or services are not purchased from selected countries? Then make use of geo blocking to block out visitors from these locations. This can ensure your don't waste resources in dealing with customers who will never convert.

13. Use pre-selected country, state or city names in forms

Reducing form fill time is critical to improving conversion rate. If your forms ask for visitor country, state or city, why not pre-fill them using location data from an IP based geolocation service. This gives your customers a seamless experiences and reduces form filling effort.

14. Display products only available in the visitor's region

There is not much point in showing visitors products that is not available in their region. With short attention spans, it is critical to display only products relevant to your customers. Either create separate websites for each location or location specific pages with products relevant to that location. Make use of geo redirection to automatically route visitors to the correct site or page.

15. Use a country or region selector if you have multiple locale sites

If your brand utilizes separate country or regional sites, then ensure you prompt visitors to go to the correct site using a geo redirect popup. This will help route traffic to the correct location relevant site. Make use of a dropdown in the popup to provide the option for visitors to 'switch' sites if they need to.

16. Translate your site into multiple languages

Tap into additional markets by creating translated versions of your site. This can help boost country level SEO and also allow a greater audience to see your products or services. Once you have translated versions of your site or pages, either automatically geo redirect visitors to the relevant country site/page or prompt them to view your site in their local language using a geo redirect popup.

17. Display ads to unwanted traffic to create an additional revenue steam

Have a lot of unwanted traffic to your site? Why not open up a new income stream by showing ads only to unwanted visitors. Make use of geo targeted content to display ads only to these visitors.

18. Display localized phone numbers

Displaying your local phone number not only makes it easy for customers to contact you, it also helps boost trust since it lets your customers know that your business is available close to them. Use geo targeted dynamic content to display phone numbers in your site relevant to the visitor's location.

19. Display localized addresses or nearby stores

If you have a physical store or office in your website visitor's area, why not display it only to them to increase trust for these selected visitors. Use geo content to display your address based on visitor location.

20. Add a call booking button for high converting locations

Pick out your high converting countries or regions and further boost conversions in these regions by offering additional support or sales. You can easily do this by displaying a call booking button, phone numbers or other contact us CTAs to visitors from these location. To do this, make use of geo content do display content and text only to visitor's from these locations.

21. Hide forms for unwanted locations or high spam countries

Save your resources by hiding website forms from visitors who will never convert. As an example, hide all your site forms from visitors in countries who you don't offer your service to. You can use geo content to easily show/hide forms or other page elements based on visitor location.

22. Automatically center maps to a visitor's location

Often your site may make use of maps to display store locations. Why not center the map to a visitor's location helping them to quickly view store locations near them. Make use use of coordinate data from an IP geolocation API to center the map.

23. Create separate ads for each country

If you are running an affiliate site or a site that makes revenue from ads, why not use different ad providers for different locations. This can help maximise revenue in selected regions. Make use of geo content do display content based on visitor location.

24. Display a visitors country, state or city in headlines or in content

A great way to catch a visitor's attention is to display their location in a title as often people are more curious about offers or events near them. You can easily display a visitor's country, sate or city in site content using an IP geolocation API.

25. Show or hide navigation menu items by visitor location

Sometimes, it may be necessary to hide selected pages from a site. Why not make use of geo content to hide specific navigation items for visitors in selected locations. This helps prevent unwarted traffic from viewing portions of your site.


Global brands use geo targeting
to maximise conversions

geo redirection can boost visitor experience
Boost visitor experience

Boost user experience by geo redirecting to pages with location specific content.

geo redirection can increase audience trust
Increase audience trust

Redirect visitors to regional websites to make them 'feel local' & checkout in their own currency.

geo redirect can skyrocket conversions
Skyrocket conversions

Geo redirection is an instant conversion rate booster. Increase your revenue now.


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Real stories of geo-targeting impact

William D.

Small Business

Feb 26, 2024

An Incredibly Handy Tool for Your International Customers

Geo targetly allows us to redirect our international customer to specific pages and make sure that they can get the right UX. It is very helpful when you have like us different currency to manage. Also it is very easy to implement on your Webflow website.

Michal C.


Aug 15, 2024

Geo Targetly Is a Great Option for My Multiple Shopify Sites

@GeoTargetly - Love this tool for global e-commerce redirects. I use it on several Shopify sites and love it. You can use one link and send people to different links based on their location and a ton of other stuff too.
#globalecom #ecommerce #shopifystore

Cheryl T.


Oct 4, 2021

It Is Very Easy to Use On Wix - the Help Articles Were Useful

We wanted to be able to segment certain landing pages for certain geographical locations and using the redirect page especially for our pricing pages was extremely helpful in helping us achieve this task. It has allowed us to target certain landing pages effectively.

Mainak G.


Nov 28, 2023

A Game Changer For Global Business

As the backbone of our emerging global approach, Geo targetly has been holding our back. It's hassle free, they transform your website in the most appropriate ways for different countries, tribes, localities. Besides top notch features customer support is amazing.

Chris T.

Managing Director

Jan 12, 2021

"Geo Redirects Made Easy" - Great Tool And Very Attentive Support

I really liked how easy it was to integrate the geo redirects into our Shopify website with a single block of code. The user interface also made it simple to define our business rules with regard to how we want users to be directed around our 3 sites.

Daan D.

Digital Marketing Manager

Oct 4, 2021

We Have Seen a Great Increase In Our Traffic

Very easy to set up and run. We use Geo Targetly to set up redirections for our specific geo based versions of our website. We have seen a great increase in our traffic and it has been a helpful addition to our tool stack. It's very useful and does what it says.

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