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Need to redirect your WIX website by country, state or city? We have the easiest & most advanced geo IP redirect solution for your WIX designed and built website.

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WIX geo redirection
made simple.

Geo redirect entire WIX site or specific pages
WIX multi-site geo redirection
Display popups or announcement bars
'Switch' between local WIX sites
Redirect to matching pages across WIX sites
Geo redirect a WIX site to internal page URLs or another site

Our Geo Redirects can handle simple single page URL redirects within a WIX site or redirection to an entirely different site.

Geo redirect visitors between multiple WIX built sites

Running a multi-national or multi-regional business with multiple WIX sites? Not a problem, our Geo Redirects can inter-redirect between your WIX websites.

Display popup in your WIX site requesting for redirect permission

If you prefer to show a permission popup to visitors to 'ask them to be redirected' then our popup option will perfectly integrate into your WIX website. Choose to remember the visitors selection for future redirection.

Allow visitors to navigate between multiple WIX sites

Have multiple WIX sites or sub pages for each location? Allow visitors to navigate freely between versions without getting forced redirected.

Geo redirect visitors to matching pages across WIX sites

If you have more than one WIX site that has matching URL structures, then you can geo redirect visitors to the matching page on the relevant location based WIX site.


Take your WIX audience
where they need to be.

Boost visitor experience

Boost user experience by geo redirecting to WIX pages with location specific content.

Increase audience trust

Redirect visitors to region specific WIX multi-sites making them 'feel local' & allow checkout in their local currency.

Skyrocket conversions

WIX geo redirection is an instant conversion rate booster. Increase your revenue now.


Start geo redirecting your WIX site
in minutes.

location rules.

Use our intuitive dashboard to select locations & pages that need to be redirected.


redirect tracking code.

Add our one-time install tracking script to your WIX website tracking & analytics settings.

WIX traffic
geo redirected.

Geo Targetly will auto detect visitor location in your WIX site and redirect visitors accordingly.

"Simple yet powerful geo redirects"

- Dante A. (Director of web development)

Redirect WIX site
by country, state & city

Continent, country, state & city redirection

Redirect your WIX site by continent, country, state or city. Supports all locations worldwide.

IP address & IP range redirection

Redirect your WIX site by their IP address or an entire IP range.

Radius based redirection

Use latitude-longitude-radius to 'capture' an area surrounding a point. Minimum allowable radius is 50km.

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Use inclusion & exclusion rules for easier targeting. E.g. redirect all visitors in US except those from California.

Handle WIX multi-sites
using intuitive redirect rules.

Multiple redirection rules + default rule

Create multiple geo redirect rules to send visitors from different locations to different WIX sites.

Redirect to other domains, subdomains or pages

Redirect visitors to other domains, subdomains or internal pages within your WIX site.

Redirect specific pages & subpages

Create custom 'to' and 'from' page redirect rules for handling redirects between multi-sites.

Pass page paths, query strings & hashes

Pass page URL paths, query strings & hashes from the initial URL onto redirect URL for tracking purposes.

using popups or bars.

Customizable popup & bar templates

Choose from 50+ templates and customize text, colors, size, buttons & more.

Smart button links

Create a button URL link that dynamically adapts to the current page URL.

Remember user selection

Remember visitor selection for a specific time or session future auto-redirection.

Countdown timer

Use a countdown timer to auto redirect a visitor if no selection is made within the timeframe.

whitelisting capabilities.

Whitelist IP addresses

Prevent redirection for specific IP addresses or ranges. Useful for whitelisting yourself from WIX admin.

Referrer whitelisting

Disable redirection if visitor comes from a particular website. Useful for allowing 'switching'.

Ad click whitelisting

Disable redirection if a specific query is found in the URL. Useful for running ads on your WIX site.

Bot & crawler whitelisting

Prevent bots & crawlers coming to your WIX site from getting redirected to avoid SEO conflicts.

"Great software with incredible support"

- Keith C. (Director IT)


WIX + Geo Targetly

How does Geo Redirection integrate with WIX?

Our Geo Redirect product comes with a one-time install JavaScript snippet that needs to be inserted into a 'custom' tool in the WIX 'Tracking & Analytics' settings. Choose to place the code in the 'Head' and 'Load code on each new page' and off you go.

Does Geo Redirection work with all WIX themes?

Our Geo Redirect JavaScript is theme independent and will work with all WIX themes. If you experience any issues, please contact us and we can investigate.

Will Geo Redirection slow down my WIX site?

Our Geo Redirect JavaScript code is asynchronous. It will load simultaneously with other content and scripts in your site. As a result it will not add to the load time of your WIX site.

Will CDNs (content delivery networks) affect Geo Redirection?

Our Geo Redirect product works on the visitor's browser (client side) and is not affected by your server. If your domain is being served by a CDN, it will not be able to cache our response as we use anti-cache headers.

Do you have a WIX Geo Redirect embed?

We don't have WIX iframe embed as our Geo Redirect code needs to work in the header of a website. As a result it needs to be integrated using the 'Tracking & Analytics' WIX tool.


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Geo personalization events/month
Globally distributed infrastructure from over 10+ regions

Powering geo personalization for
2000+ SMBs & enterprises.

Scalable to redirect millions of visitors a day

- Bullet proof scalable servers to handle your demand


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