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Posting geo-targeted short links in social media to take visitors to country-specific product pages

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Short links are a great way to include links to your website or other pages on social media, without exhausting the character limit, or distracting users with an unnecessarily long URL. They provide an excellent opportunity to let the text of your post stand out while still offering a link to whatever resource you want the reader to see next.

Because content might apply differently to people in different parts of the world, it would only improve the experience if there were a way to redirect users who click on these short links dynamically. If you run an e-commerce site, for example, you may have different links and product pages, or even country specific stores you might want to link to depending on where your visitor is accessing your website from.

What if there were a was an easy way to accomplish this? Well, there is! Geo-targeted links can easily be generated with the geo-targeted URL shortener from Geo Targetly. This is a great way to get started creating geo-targeted short links for your website and social media.

What are geo-based short links?

Geo-based short links are like regular short links ( for example). However geo-based short URLs have a clear advantage over standard short URLs. They can redirect to different pages based on the geolocation of the users who click the link.

It works something like this. You have a long URL to your website that you want to post to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You take that URL and shorten it. That link becomes your default URL. Then you can select which destination URL you want for any given location. Say for example your default URL is good for any location, except Canada, which has its store on your website. You can specify a separate URL for Canada that will work with the same short link.

Being able to have a short link work like this means that you don’t need to have multiple social media profiles posting to numerous parts of the world, and you don’t need to put up disclaimers everywhere letting users know about the store for their site, or that you don’t offer specific products in individual countries. Instead, you can identify issues with location ahead of posting, and direct users to the URL that makes the most sense for them, all within a simple link.

Who uses geo-based short links?

One of the most common use case for these links is for eCommerce businesses that operate in multiple countries to drive traffic from social media. Because these types of companies have so many moving parts when it comes to serving customers (products, payment, shipping, support), there is a huge need to identify where customers are from to give them the information that is most relevant and accurate.

When you consider that many businesses online don’t ship everywhere, and possibly have separate pages for certain countries, you can see how the need for a geolocation short URL might arise. Being able to dynamically lead visitors to the place where they will be best served is something that has been missing from these kinds of services. Not only will the content that they are directed to feel more relevant it could also help to increase conversion rates.

How can use geo-targeted links in social media increase conversion rate?

By using location-relevant pages, you increase the legitimacy of your content which raises awareness. If your services are not put into the context of what you offer locally to the user you might not see the same kind of engagement that you would get had you framed your services and product offering around where your user is located. For example, when you give your users content that mentions an event explicitly or offers for their location, they are going to be much more likely to notice and be aware of what you have to offer.

This increase in awareness can then lead to an increase in conversions. If your content is generic, you might not get people to complete the checkout or process of conversion. Or they might have to turn back after finding out what you offer does not apply to them because of where they are in the world. If you have specific requirements by location, you could see a lift in conversions by just showing visitors the page that applies to them.

And it’s not difficult to set all of this up.

Quick setup steps

Step One: Create a rule

add a rule for your geo targeted link

Step Two: Add your redirect link and locations

add a redirect link and assign locations

Step Three: Add multiple rules

add multipe geo link rules to take visitors to redirect visitors to specific links based on their location

Step Four: Generate your geo link

generate a short URL for your geo link

Step Five: That's it, post the link in your website or social media

There you have it. Leveraging the power of dynamic short links in just three easy steps. This is only one part of what makes Geo Targetly is hands down, one of the best marketing tools you are not using.


Short links are the perfect way to include links to your website or other pages on social media. They give the text of your post an opportunity to stand out, while still providing a link to whatever resource you want the reader to see next. Content often changes for different parts of the world and being able to dynamically show users the content most relevant to them based on where they click on those links is a powerful tool for increasing awareness and conversions.

And luckily for you, there is a simple to use and extremely effective way to accomplish all of this. Geo-targeted links can easily be generated with the geo-targeted URL shortener from Geo Targetly. If you use shortened URLs on your website and are looking for a solution to redirect your visitors based on their location dynamically, and this is a great way to get started.

To start creating geo based shortened url links, claim your free trial now!

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"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

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