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How to use geolocate features on your website to increase conversion

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In the face of streams of website traffic, staying relevant and personal can be a little bit of a challenge. With a geolocate service or feature, however, redirecting geographically diverse visitors to content that’s more meaningful to them is no longer a complicated science.

Beyond their immediate and obvious application, geolocate tools are useful for a number of reasons. By using them to show leads content that’s unique to their specific interests, conversion is an easier win. It may also reduce the number of bounces your website experiences.

Given the potential of this simple tool, you’d be remiss not to make the most of it. Our post today dives into how you can guide your website traffic to conversion (or the closest possible point!) with the right geolocate tools.

IP geolocation databases

Use geolocate features to identify the closest store location(s)

One handy trick you enjoy with IP geolocation tools is that by identifying the source of your visitor’s location, you have the ability to drive foot traffic to your local stores.

IP geolocation software uses visitor latitude and longitude data to auto-position and centre maps - a useful feature that may just increase your sales by leaps and bounds.

Once these tools locate your visitor, they automatically display information directing them to your closest outlet. Even if the visitor in question fails to visit your store that very day, week or month, store information presented in this manner positions you as a convenient option when a need for your products arise.

Autofill forms with geolocation data

Another way you can fully leverage the potential of geolocation to increase conversion is to make the most of autofill options.

With the right software, you can use location data and JavaScript to auto-select certain dropdown fields, like city or country, and populate them automatically. At a time where convenience is king, completing half the work for your users makes it more likely that they will do what you want.

Use visitor location to customise website content

According to data from OneSpot, 87% of respondents in a survey said that personally relevant, branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

In this day and age, therefore, using standard, template-style content is not going to get you anywhere. While you will undoubtedly incorporate some level of personalisation in line with your brand, why not take it a step further with geolocation tools?

Using the data arising from this source, you can now automatically display content that’s personalised to the region your visitor is from. Imagine being an Australian and being welcomed to a website with a friendly “G’day mate!” or being a Texan and seeing the word “Howdy!” emblazoned across a website.

Do these play into certain stereotypes? Maybe. But, do they also show your visitors that you care about their interests? Most certainly

Speaking of targeted website content - consider advertising local offers

By geolocating your customers to the cities they live in, you can also amp up your advertising efforts. If you’ve always wanted to run ads specific to certain locales or regions, this is now possible with powerful IP geolocation tools.

Here, not only can you conduct localised advertising campaigns, promos and offers, you can also ensure that only people in the right area view these and convert.

By targeting advertisements and offers in line with local events, festivities, and holidays, you ensure that your visitors have a reason to visit your website and progress along with their journey, all the way up to conversion!

Use geolocate tools on your website to increase conversion!

Geolocate tools are increasingly easy to come by, nowadays. Yet, using them just to understand where your visitors are coming from is a complete waste of money. By leveraging the sophisticated functionality offered by well-developed software like Geo Targetly’s Geo Location solution, you can now introduce all of the above strategies to increase conversion, just like that!

Remember, location data is only a powerful marketing resource if you use it the right way.

3rd May 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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