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Redirect Visitors By City:
A Step-By-Step Guide

Local businesses will often do business with multiple cities and municipalities that are near enough to them where they can easily share customers. It’s fairly common for businesses to conduct businesses in the next town over, or accept clients from a few miles outside of their businesses city limits. However, now that many small businesses also have moved some services and operations online, there are considerations to be made with how those businesses treat visitors from other cities, towns, and municipalities.

The type of business that you operate will affect how you treat visitors from other cities. And Depending on where you are located, what services you offer, and other factors, there are a wide variety of reasons why you would talk to visitors from different cities with different messaging. Regulations, rules, and taxes commonly vary by city, which could add complexity to your bookkeeping if not properly handled. There are also issues with fleet and travel that need to be taken into account. Your business should be able to clearly show visitors what services you can provide to them in other cities.

If you’re serious about informing your customers and serving other cities and towns, you can’t go wrong with a geo redirection service, like Geo Targetly. This kind of service can provide you with redirect abilities that enable you to geo redirect on your website visitors location, in this case, what city where they live. In this article, we’ll discuss why it might be important for a business to redirect visitors by city, and how that can be set up.

What is geo redirection, how does it work?

Geolocation IP databases power geo redirection. These databases detect your visitor's location by using their IP address allowing you to use their IP address to detect where they are accessing your website, down to the city level. You can then specify IP redirects that will redirect visitors based on their geolocation.

Redirection like this enables you to create a redirect website version or page for each location for which you have unique messaging and or specific location information. When visitors see your website from this location, they will also see the messaging you have decided is best for the city that they are in. This redirection is also entirely accurate down to the city level, so you can be reasonably sure that your visitor's location, provided by the geolocation service, is correct.

Why should a business redirect visitors from different cities?

If this kind of service sounds useful to you, there is likely already use for it in your head. But in case you might not see an obvious use case for a service like this, we’ll go over a couple of examples that might help you see how a geolocation redirection service could be useful for directing users from different cities to different pages on your website.

An e-commerce business is one obvious example where redirection based on city makes a lot of sense. Serving multiple cities online with an e-commerce store (potentially with a local focus) means you might have different shipping requirements, and tax requirements based on the city to which you are shipping. If you allow items to be purchased nationwide, you likely have variable shipping rates for cities and towns close to you and within the same state. You likely accommodate for sales tax when handling orders online. And you probably already have a system in place that handles all of these things when dealing with purchases on the back end. But is in place to ensure that you display exact tax and shipping information to users? A redirection service like Geo Targetly could be a valuable asset to your e-commerce business by providing you the ability to not just handle these complexities on the back end, but also give you the power to better inform your visitors and give them the right info, without having to have them read your shipping information for every city or state in the United States.

Another example of businesses that would benefit from city-specific messaging is moving, plumbing, electrical, or repair businesses. When doing business in multiple cities, you might have different rates or restrictions based on location. For example, if you don’t provide service to a city based on permits required, or distance to travel (despite the cities potentially being adjacent), you’ll want to display that information to visitors from the city where you don’t provide service. Displaying this kind of information to potential customers is essential. If you don’t offer services in their area, the last thing you want to do takes payment or begin scheduling service, only to find out your user was mistaken about your service area. Not only will this kind of service help you save face and provide better customer service, but it will also help to provide you with better quality leads! This kind of service would be especially useful to businesses directly adjacent to tri-state areas.

Step by Step Guide

This may sound like the perfect fit for your business. You’ve been looking to deal with cities better on your website for a long time. But you might be wondering how complicated this kind of service to set up and configure. If your business is like one of the ones we’ve described, you most likely aren’t a resident expert when it comes to IP geolocation databases. That’s not a problem.

We’ll show you how to serve different content to different cities using Geo Targetly in just four easy steps.

Step One: Create a city redirect rule

add a city rule for your geo targeted redirect

Step Two: Add multiple city redirect rule

Add multiple city redirect rule

Step Three: Add an optional default redirect rule

Add an optional default redirect rule

Step Four: Add code to website

Add code to website

Yes, it’s that easy. With just a few simple steps you can redirect users based on the city they are visiting your website from.

Communicate your pricing, service information, and add even promote events more clearly to users from various cities. Instead of trying to make your website speak to everyone, think about messaging that works generally, and leave that as your default. Then add rules and location-specific messaging, and take advantage of the easy to use geolocation database to provide superior information to your customers.


Local businesses often provide services to multiple cities and municipalities. However, now that many small businesses also have moved some services and operations online, there are choices to be made with regards to how those businesses communicate with people from other cities.

If you’re serious about providing the most accurate information to your customers and serving other cities and towns, you need to consider adding geo redirection service, like Geo Targetly to your toolbox.

To start redirecting your visitors by city, claim your free trial now!

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