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Using Geo Targeted Notification Bars
To Display Localized Messages

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an example on how geo targeted notification bars work

Geo notification bars by Geo Targetly are a great way to display notification bars on your website based on your website visitor’s geolocation. This technology allows you to show targeted messaging to individual website visitors by country, state & city using IP geolocation technology.

These notification bars are a great way to gain the attention of your visitors, and being able to adjust your messaging based on the location of your visitor is a significant advantage when it comes to increasing engagement and driving conversions.

Increasing engagement using geo-targeted messages

Notification bars allow you to deliver clear messaging that rises above the normal content on your website. By dynamically changing this content based on the location of your visitor you can elevate these notifications beyond just being a generic call out and instead deliver messaging that can be hyper-targeted.

Notification bars allow you to broadcast updates and changes to your website, promote products and services or direct website visitors to specific pages on your site. All without interrupting the standard flow and existing content on your site. This type of call to action is a great tool to have, and being able to show a message to users based on their location specifically is a great way to increase awareness and drive engagement.

How a geo-based notification bar can get a local visitor's attention

Since the notification bar is at the top of the screen and exists above and separate from the content of your website, without blocking it like a modal window, it gets noticed but doesn’t feel too aggressive. This means it will be read by most users, and won’t interrupt their experience on your website. Your local visitors will see the messaging in addition to being able to use the site. That means that even if they don’t necessarily interact with the notification, they can be made aware.

There are a lot of cases where this type of awareness can be made to benefit your business and your website.

Example use cases for a geo-based notification bar

There are a lot of great examples of how to use a geo-based notification bar on your website to help increase engagement and drive conversions.

One great example is localised free shipping messages or shipping discounts. These kinds of discounts could go a long way towards inching people into making a purchase. If people know that shipping is free or discounted, they might be more willing to purchase via your website.

Another great example is localised coupons and offers. If your business offers deals to certain customers based on location, this is a great way to make those visitors aware and to help point them in the direction of your sale.

If you are a national brand, geo-location based notification bars a great way to promote localised events. Having events in a user's area predominantly displayed to them is a great way to drive interest in your event. But because you want them to continue to use their site you don’t want to monopolise their attention completely. Notification bars are perfect for this type of event awareness. Your messaging will get to the right people as well using non-obtrusive geolocation information.

If you have location-specific versions of your website, you might also include requests to visit the particular country website for your visitors. This is a great way to make people aware of your effort to accommodate different versions of your site, without affecting their experience.

Notification bars are a versatile tool that has become more popular than ever lately to deliver a message to visitors. What’s great, is that not only are they versatile, with a service like Geo Targetly, they are also very easy to set up and configure.

Quick setup guide

Using Geo Targetly, you can set up a geolocation notification bar on your website in just four easy steps.

1. Set up your website

enter your website which you need the geo targeted bar to show in

2. Create your notification bars

design your geo bar text, colors and buttons

2. Preview your notification bars

use our preview feature to see how your geo targeted bar will look like in your website

3. Add geo locations to target

add locations to show your geo targeted bar

3. Set cookie expiry

set a cookie time to ensure the geo targeted bar is only shown once to visitors

4. Add additional rules

create additional rules for each location to show different types of bars

5. Add the code snippet to your website

copy the geo targeted bar code snippet and add it to your website body

5. You’re all set!

That’s all there is to it. Geo Targetly gets you up and running fast. Not only will you be able to leverage the power of a notification bar to increase awareness and engagement on your site. You’ll also be able to tailor your message based on the location of your visitors.


Geo notification bars by Geo Targetly are a great way to display notification bars on your website based on your website visitor’s geolocation. This kind of notification is becoming extremely popular online, and it is clear to see why. These unobtrusive notifications are better suited to drive awareness and engagement than a modal window, and they are incredibly versatile.

If you’ve thought about adding notification bars to your website, now is the time to get started and dive into this technology. Using Geo Targetly is a great way to test the waters because not only are you able to try out this form of notification, you can also make sure that the right people get the right messaging. So get started today with our free trial.

3rd June 2018

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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