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Getting the best results for Shopify geolocation

A popular e-commerce website used by businesses to create sophisticated and customised online stores, Shopify is used by more than 800,000 merchants as of 2019.

A popular e-commerce website used by businesses to create sophisticated and customised online stores, Shopify is used by more than 800,000 merchants as of 2019.        

Beyond the obvious ability to shorten unnecessarily long URLs, though, many are unaware of the URL link shortener’s hidden abilities. At Geo Targetly, one of our number one aims is to educate our customers about the many benefits that await them with this tool.        

If you’re someone who uses this platform and runs an international business - especially one with stores or a presence in multiple locations - it’s possible that you’ve considered how you can enable Shopify geolocation features.undefined        

With the ability to redirect users to your Shopify websites based on visitor location, whether country, state or city, you have the ability to increase conversion and sales with one simple redirect. Yet, the ability to do this accurately and effectively comes down to choosing the right IP geolocation tools or APIs.        

In today’s post, we take a look at how you can get the best results for Shopify geolocation using Geo Targetly’s suite of products.

Shopify geolocation


Set up advanced site redirections through a range of optional features


At Geo Targetly, we love going beyond the norm and offering our customers something no one else has.        

As such, our Geo Redirects are capable of hosting inter-store redirection with relative ease, allowing you to send your customers to the same product across multiple regional stores or even visit your original Shopify store without being redirected.        

You, therefore, have the option to redirect all page or only certain pages, redirect visitors only from external sources, and bypass redirects if a visitor is from a specific domain or IP address!


Configure geo redirects


With our tools, you can also construct your very own geo redirects. This is particularly useful if you want each redirect to correspond to its own location segment if you have multiple regional Shopify stores.        

What’s great is that each location segment can be made up of multiple countries, states, cities, IP addresses and even latitude-longitude-radius zones. You also enjoy advanced features that include passing query strings onto the redirect URL and passing subdirectory paths on the redirect URL.        

You can even access a custom URL map if you require it.        

It’s important to note, however, that you will need to set up separate Geo Redirects for each of your Shopify websites. Fortunately, there’s no limit to the number of Shopify geolocation redirect services you can enjoy with a single account.


Improve your redirect efforts through detailed Shopify geolocation analytics


Another seriously handy feature of these types of tools is that they can compile data for you in a way that makes its analysis an almost thoughtWhat are we without data? With Geo Targetly’s suite of products, you can use our platform to access detailed analytics on the number of visitors who have been geo-redirected through your links.less process.        

These statistics will not just help you understand the state of your conversions but also unlock other insights that shed light on the profiles of your visitors, which include their online behaviours and interests.        

This, in turn, will help you to optimise many other aspects of your website and marketing, including the kind of content you push out, the best time to blast email campaigns, and other equally crucial information.


Set up dynamic content and customise your Shopify website based on visitor location


Beyond just redirects, you can also leverage the power of geolocation content tools to customise the content on your Shopify website based on visitor location.        

Say someone located in the UK accessed your site. All your price and delivery information would automatically change to Pound Sterling and other locally relevant data. This simple customisation is crucial, because, among the hundreds of thousands of shoppers, online every day, 13% share that they would abandon their cart if the price displayed is in a foreign currency.


Unlock the full functionality of Shopify geolocation with Geo Targetly!


Shopify geolocation features are a handy tool for businesses that operate in multiple regions. They’re also crucial additions for companies that have the vision to provide visitors with tailored customer experience.        

With Geo Targetly’s IP geolocation codes, which are tailored to the needs of Shopify e-commerce sites, make sure that every customer that visits your site is automatically redirected to the closest brick and mortar store or regional e-commerce store.        

These little tricks go a long way with customers who appreciate intuitive service and personalised customer care.



3rd July 2019

Real stories of geo-targeting impact

William D.

Small Business

Feb 26, 2024

An Incredibly Handy Tool for Your International Customers

Geo targetly allows us to redirect our international customer to specific pages and make sure that they can get the right UX. It is very helpful when you have like us different currency to manage. Also it is very easy to implement on your Webflow website.

Michal C.


Aug 15, 2024

Geo Targetly Is a Great Option for My Multiple Shopify Sites

@GeoTargetly - Love this tool for global e-commerce redirects. I use it on several Shopify sites and love it. You can use one link and send people to different links based on their location and a ton of other stuff too.
#globalecom #ecommerce #shopifystore

Cheryl T.


Oct 4, 2021

It Is Very Easy to Use On Wix - the Help Articles Were Useful

We wanted to be able to segment certain landing pages for certain geographical locations and using the redirect page especially for our pricing pages was extremely helpful in helping us achieve this task. It has allowed us to target certain landing pages effectively.

Mainak G.


Nov 28, 2023

A Game Changer For Global Business

As the backbone of our emerging global approach, Geo targetly has been holding our back. It's hassle free, they transform your website in the most appropriate ways for different countries, tribes, localities. Besides top notch features customer support is amazing.

Chris T.

Managing Director

Jan 12, 2021

"Geo Redirects Made Easy" - Great Tool And Very Attentive Support

I really liked how easy it was to integrate the geo redirects into our Shopify website with a single block of code. The user interface also made it simple to define our business rules with regard to how we want users to be directed around our 3 sites.

Daan D.

Digital Marketing Manager

Oct 4, 2021

We Have Seen a Great Increase In Our Traffic

Very easy to set up and run. We use Geo Targetly to set up redirections for our specific geo based versions of our website. We have seen a great increase in our traffic and it has been a helpful addition to our tool stack. It's very useful and does what it says.

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