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A geolocation IP service plays an instrumental role in data quality - especially if you are targeting and catering to a multinational audience.

A geolocation IP service plays an instrumental role in data quality - especially with many organisations requiring geolocation services when catering to a multinational audience. Whether it is e-commerce services or anti-fraud protection, organisations need sophisticated, detailed data sets that truly capture the nuances of their target audience. However, such a dataset is not possible without geolocation services, for they are crucial to businesses running multilingual websites, or expanding into different markets.

Why would a geolocation IP service be so crucial?

Geolocation IP services are crucial because they help organisations identify the geographical location of a particular IP address. The IP address consists of several integers that make up the unique identity of the connected device. However, the IP address alone cannot reveal the location of the user. This is where geolocation IP services come into play. A geolocation IP service would make it possible for organisations to make the connection between IP address and geographical coordinates. Without a geolocation IP service, this would be impossible.

What are the effects of geolocation IP on data quality?

Low data quality has low accuracy and validity. It is plagued with issues, like duplicates that ultimately harm information accuracy, and is not reliable enough for business operations. By contrast, high data quality has multiple dimensions. It is reliable, valid, accurate and timely. Data is only reliable and valuable if it is accurate, and the findings do not contradict other information sources. Furthermore, high-quality data is the foundation for business operations because it leads to reliable, quality information that generates actionable knowledge, which in turn feeds into business operations. For organisations catering to multiple regions, geolocation services are necessary for creating quality data.

High-quality data is accurate because it constructs a realistic picture of the target audience. IP geolocation service allows organisations to create this realistic picture because it can track the location of their visitors by connecting the IP address to the latitude and longitude of the user’s location. This is crucial for organisations with a global customer base because they need an accurate representation of their audience. This accurate representation will serve as feedback for future operations related to operations like marketing and customer support, which will improve the relationship between customer and business. High-quality data creates accurate, relevant information that feeds into business operations.

IP geolocation services feed into business operations by facilitating sophisticated services that are otherwise not possible. An excellent example is geo redirection. When visitors from a particular region visit the company website, they are automatically redirected to the region-based site. This region-based site is more suited to the audience because of its content and offers. Personalised messages for each audience segment is incredibly effective in engaging customers, and it would be nearly impossible to perform personalisation services without a geolocation IP. This is because the service not only traces geolocation IP but also executes redirection to connect visitors to regionally appropriate websites. These business operations would not be possible without high-quality data.

IP geolocation service ensures that data sets are both complete and timely. Timeliness is particularly important for businesses because they need to understand where their customers are coming from and in what numbers. Timely data allows businesses to experiment with different ideas and get feedback almost immediately. Completeness is an important factor for data sets because it is an indicator of how comprehensive business data sets are. For businesses, it is simply not possible to obtain complete datasets without knowing where their customers are based. Geolocation services provide the extra dimension a business needs to get a complete data set. With complete and timely data sets, businesses have a reliable database of information, which feeds into different operations like marketing or customer support.

Geolocation services to affect data

Geolocation IP services are crucial for augmenting data quality. Without geolocation services, data quality will suffer significantly because it compromises timeliness, completeness, reliability and validity, all the hallmarks of data quality. With complete, reliable data sets, businesses can perform several operations beyond just customised marketing services. For example, other operations like strengthening cybersecurity, minimising risk fraud and maintaining compliance guidelines are just a few areas that will see a boost. The benefits presented by a geolocation IP service makes it one of the best, worthwhile investments for any business.

14th January 2020
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