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Improving app engagement and revenue with geolocation tracking

Many businesses, nowadays, use mobile apps to engage their customers. Indeed, given the soaring rate of mobile use in all corners of the world, this is a sound strategy - made better with the use of geolocation tracking.

Many businesses, nowadays, use mobile apps to engage their customers. Indeed, given the soaring rate of mobile use in all corners of the world, this is a sound strategy - made better with the use of geolocation tracking.

With these features, businesses can identify where specific users are located. These features, however, are more valuable in a local context, where apps can trigger certain location-based offers and messages.

In our post today, we look at how geolocation tracking helps drive app success, especially in the form of engagement. If you’re selling products or services, leveraging these features in an intelligent way may also help you increase sales and revenue! Here’s how.

IP geolocation tools

Use your app to prompt users to visit your store and buy your products

One of the most valuable ways to use geolocation tracking through mobile apps is to use it to draw users to your store.

By triggering push-notifications to individuals who enter a certain radius of your store, you can use your app to show them messages, promos, offers, and discounts, and pull them in your direction. Given the frequency with which people use their phones (and the fact that they’ve actively installed your app!), your job is made unbelievably easy - you just need to craft the right message.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, businesses are encouraged to go beyond generic push notifications and leverage geolocation targeting for far more personalised messaging. Major companies are using beacon technology and cloud-based AI to promote specific products that are relevant to specific user interests.

Take, for example, the Regent Street App: Combining three major fashion retailers, Zara, Mango, and Burberry, the app pushes specific product recommendations according to the preferences of individual users. This is done based on a profile built out by users as they download the app.

This approach has led to a tangible 7.4% hike in marketing response since the app has been introduced.

Alternatively, remind app users about your products when they enter a competitor’s radius

Uneasy about your customers shopping at a competitor’s store?

Many businesses, nowadays, want to make sure their customers stay faithful to them. Through the use of geofences, you can now set up a form of a virtual fence around your competitor’s business and target any of your app users entering that radius.

Whole Foods, in fact, adopted this approach and shoppers who entered competitor locations were sent advertisements with a custom landing page that pushed them to visit their local Whole Foods store or visit their Facebook page.

Based on their results - a post-click conversion rate of 4.96% (three times the industry average) - it’s clear that while certain businesses may be a little reluctant to try out this strategy, it can be rewarding if done right.

Use geolocation-enabled apps to drive in-store engagement

Mobile-based geolocation strategies boast another exciting deliverable - the ability to drive in-store engagement.

Through the use of beacon technology, certain stores now use an app user’s geolocation to direct them to specific products in-store, to the nearest store assistant, share their location with family/friends and a number of other functional features.

An online recipe hub, Allrecipes also uses beacon technology to target shoppers in certain grocery stores and display recipe ideas at specific times when they’re likely to be interested in that kind of content. These recipes feature products on sale at the store, generating a win for both Allrecipes (given that users are perusing their content) and for the specific grocery stores as well!

Leverage geolocation tracking to drive up app use and revenue!

Geolocation tracking is no longer a feature you can ignore, especially if you want to reel customers in and maintain their loyalty. At the heart of app-based geolocation strategies are convenience; make your business an effortless choice with the right push notifications and promotions.

By reminding your customers about the great products or services that await them with alluring, geotargeted messages, join in on an explosive trend transforming mobile marketing strategies. Unlike in the past, there’s nothing to hold you back!

To find out more about cutting-edge geolocation strategies, head to the Geo Targetly blog for insights and analysis you never knew you needed!

4th August 2019
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