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Choosing the right country selector plugin for you

Many find that choosing the right country selector plugin is a tiring task, when actually it's quite the opposite, once you know what you're looking for.

Choosing the right country selector plugin is a surprisingly easy task, once you know what to look for. There are plenty of plugins for country selection and geo redirection on the market. But finding the right one can be difficult if businesses don't know what to look for. However, this remains one of the most important decisions a website developer or business owner can make. The right plugin streamlines development and expands the website's features. To sift out the wheat from the chaff, it's important to have a list of qualities to consider, so that website owners have an easier time picking a country selector plugin.

Qualities of the right country selector plugin

To select the right country selector plugin, you need to look for the following features.

An ability to set conditions for geo-redirection

If business owners are looking to do geo-redirection, they need to choose a country selector plugin that makes it easy to customise redirect settings. These settings not only include the option to redirect to different sites based on IP but to also customise the conditions for redirection. These conditions include signs of suspicious activity like hacking or bypassing passwords. The ideal plugin will give owners complete control over the redirect rule to set different conditions for a variety of purposes. For example, developers can implement a site-wide redirect to implement a mass redirect condition, so as to avoid unwanted traffic for any page or post. The option to implement this rule is useful because it ensures that unwanted traffic does not distort web analytics. The best selector plugin makes it easy to customise redirection settings and make adjustments without too much effort. 

It can secure your website

The ideal country selector plugin can be used to keep the website secure. Redirection is more than just increasing web conversions and engagement, it's about enforcing online security. Country selector plugins come with security features that limit access from unwanted countries or even IP addresses. Web developers can outline specific IP addresses that have attempted illegal methods of entry like hacking, spamming or even brute-forcing passwords and have them blocked using the plugin. Security is invaluable for online businesses and a country selector plugin that allows them to enforce security is vital for any business.

Improving SEO optimisation

The ideal country plugin aids with SEO optimisation in different ways. While blocking users based on the region might seem counterintuitive to SEO optimisation efforts, blocking and redirecting traffic can actually help in small ways that eventually add up. The best plugins will have the standard 301 and 302 redirects, along with a 404 page, which improves SEO optimisation efforts. Furthermore, blocking or redirecting traffic can help reduce the bounce rate. When developers impose the option to block certain IP addresses, it reduces the likelihood of spammers infecting the backend and frontend of the website, which reduces the bounce rate. A lower bounce rate is essential for SEO because it is an indicator of site quality and content, but a higher bounce rate can distort readings and create the wrong impression about website quality.

It optimises marketing efforts

The right country selector plugin aids with local marketing efforts. Most region-specific marketing requires a lot of time and effort because marketers need to devise product offerings, campaign slogans and landing pages. However, this effort is worthless if the target audience does not receive the content. A country selector plugin ensures that the target audience will receive marketing offers that either entices them to return to the website or convert them into buyers. Country selector plugins come with features to help convert visitors into buyers, like a region-appropriate payment gateway. 

Purchasing the right country selector plugins

While there are plenty of country selector plugins on the market, only a handful meet business requirements. Country selector plugins are more than just website plug-ins to expand functions, they are an investment in a business, and crucial for online success. Hence, businesses need to select the right country selector plugin for their website. With the right country selector plugin, businesses will reach new levels of success with their online efforts due to better SEO results and targeted marketing.

By keeping the key criteria in mind, businesses can find the best country selector plugins

31st January 2020
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