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How does a region selector impact your website UX

A region selector plays an integral role in website UX or UI. The UX in return, responds by directing visitors to the right pages to perform specific functions like making a purchase.

A region selector plays an integral role in website UX or UI. UX is responsible for directing visitors to the right pages and communicating instructions on performing specific functions like making a purchase. Keeping the role of UX in mind, a region selector is crucial because it either augments the function of the user-interface or detracts from its purpose. For businesses catering to multiple countries, the option to select different regions is integral for users. Hence, a plugin for selecting different regions is going to be crucial for the website interface. As you might know, website UX is crucial for online businesses. This article highlights how the region selector can amplify or detract from visitors.

Positive effects of region selectors on end-users 

Region selectors can either be a huge asset, if implemented well or a deterrent if badly implemented.

It either aids or hinders navigation

If implemented well, region selectors are a boon to website UX because they help visitors navigate the website to the appropriate region. Visitors have an easier time navigating the website to go where they want and perform different tasks. Easier navigation is one of the core purposes of UX, so a well-implemented region selector can improve the navigation and usability of the interface. Generally, there are three options for using region selectors: Drop-down menus, map selectors and free-text entry fields, which help or hinder navigation.

However, if the region selector is badly implemented, it hurts UX because it makes it harder to navigate the website. Region selector issues can vary depending on the design element used. For example, a dropdown menu can present problems like scrolling issues, while a free text entry field can be difficult if it does not account for common spelling and typos. In such cases, a region selector can negatively impact website UX because it becomes harder to navigate the website to get the desired information. Website visitors only stay on a website for about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) before deciding to stay or leave. Hence, region selectors are crucial for engaging visitors.

Region selectors improve customer retention

Website UX does more than just guide visitors to the right page. It creates a strong impression on customers, so they visit the website in the future. Region selectors are crucial to building customer engagement. When customers load a website, the first thing they see are the different languages/regions available in a GUI - in fact, the presentation of the region selector makes a huge impression on customers.

Customer impressions are formed quickly, and the layout plays a huge role in it. 3 out of 4 visitors make assumptions about the product or service, based on the UX design. This is because UX design is not just arranging certain elements, it is branding that informs customers about the quality of the business. The business might be offering a great product or service, but if the UX is poor, then customers will leave the website without inquiring any further. Region selectors are important in shaping customer impressions, making them integral to engagement.

Does it affect SEO and web design?

It reduces development time

Did you know that 50% of engineering time is spent fixing mistakes? These errors occur when developers make erroneous assumptions involving user behaviour, navigation and the addition of new features where implementation hurts navigation. Region selectors can be a huge boon to UX design because they help developers sidestep these mistakes to reduce development time. For example, instead of making assumptions of where visitors with certain IP addresses want to go, giving them a choice with a region selector would save a lot of time.

The importance of a region selector for website UX

For online businesses catering to different countries, a region selector is not just an option but a necessity. Region selectors need to be an integral feature of website UX so that web designers and developers can give them the proper care they deserve. A region selector can do a lot for the business, not only can it direct visitors to the right region but it also improves customer engagement, branding and reduces development time.

Furthermore, installing a region selector does not require extensive development time because of the plethora of options available on the market. However, business owners need to be sure to select the most appropriate solution to get the right region selector.

1st February 2020
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