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Why a region switcher is essential for businesses looking to internationalise

A region switcher is a form of geo redirection where users can switch to a different region-specific sub-domain for the same website. Doesn't that sound handy?

A region switcher is a form of geo redirection where users can switch to a different region-specific sub-domain for the same website. Depending on the nature of the web design, the differences between regions would only be currency symbols, but the more extensive changes would entail completely different design elements and content for visitors. Having a region switcher is crucial for businesses hoping to internationalise. 

It might seem like an extra cost to develop different versions of the same website, but it is essential for businesses looking to take their brand to a global level. That’s why, in this blog article, we explain why a regional switcher is essential for different regions.  

What can a region switcher do for international businesses

A region switcher brings several benefits crucial for success on the international market. 

Better customer experience

One benefit for customers is a richer, relevant experience. Having a region switcher gives customers the option to engage with the brand in the language they are most comfortable in. Over 75% of internet users do not speak English, so having the option for customers to engage with the brand in the language they are most familiar with improves brand engagement. It also improves business reputation because it shows dedication, especially if one cleverly uses local or regional nuances on the website. The option to switch between regions also means one less barrier preventing customers from engaging with your brand.

Collecting rich datasets for detailed reports

The growing popularity of analytics and data in marketing has made information essential in promoting the brand throughout the world. While it is not the only way to collect information, a region switcher enriches the data collection process with location data. Knowing who is visiting their website from which part of the world, combined with other important information like city, region and age can be invaluable because it provides feedback on customers. When the data is combined with demographic information like age and gender, businesses can create detailed customer profiles for their regional markets.

The data can be used to improve local marketing programs and increase conversion rates for the local market. Studies indicate that data is worth more than oil, so investing in technology that filters traffic based on region is very important. When the data is combined with predictive analytics, it allows businesses to strengthen their international reputation with smarter, proactive marketing for each localised area. Using a region switcher is essential for collecting local data.

Co-ordinating logistics and supplies

Businesses looking to take their products and services global should not only think about marketing, but also logistics. Providing products and services to markets around the world is a complex undertaking. To perform this undertaking, businesses need sophisticated logistics systems to successfully coordinate the delivery or supply of services to different markets. These systems, in turn, need sophisticated, region-based data for each market. This is where a region switcher can be handy for businesses. As a form of geo-redirection, region switching provides useful information like the number of people purchasing from the site per region. Since visitors are ‘filtered’ into a specific region, it becomes easier to collect and analyse information for each region. The information can then be used in logistics and supply operations around the world. 

Preventing fraud

One of the problems international businesses face is fraud - varying from credit card fraud to online fraud, and several others. Fraud is a huge problem that costs organisations millions of dollars each year, and this number is likely to go up on international markets. The best way to reduce the incidents of fraud is to implement geolocation technology to filter visitors and distinguish between genuine visitors and fraudsters. Hence, a region switcher would just be help helpful but almost essential for guarding against fraudulent activities. 

Investing in region switcher technology

Investing in a region switcher is one of the smartest investments for businesses with international aspirations. A region switcher improves customer engagement, raises the conversion rate and even helps prevent fraud. While there are other options available, like automatically redirecting visitors to the appropriate region, giving users the choice to select their region provides a degree of autonomy that is highly valued with online users. Furthermore, it gives users the chance to go to other regions and compare offerings from different locations.

Integrating a region switcher might seem like an added cost you don’t need right now, but the long term-benefits significantly outweigh the short-term costs.

13th January 2020

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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