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Increasing website visitor engagement with geotargeted content

Using geotargeted content isn’t a particularly new way of compelling website visitors to engage with a website. The only difference between the past and the present, however, is the sophistication of the IP geolocation tools we’re using.

Using geotargeted content isn’t a particularly new way of compelling website visitors to engage with a website. The only difference between the past and the present, however, is the sophistication of the IP geolocation tools we’re using.

With the ability to identify even the city in which each visitor is in, personalising content is now more easier and effective. It’s also great for conversion rates - after all, individuals prefer buying from companies who know them. Or appear to, at least.

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You localise your business and make it seem more familiar to your audience

Ask yourself this question: If you visited two different websites, looking for, say, the perfect toaster, which website would you end up buying from? One based in your locality or an international e-commerce company that doesn’t even have a local representative you can contact?

Most would go for a seemingly local vendor. The best part is, these businesses are rarely ever local players. They’ve just played their cards right and have customised their entire website to a specific locality, giving customers a layer of familiarity and comfort!

You’re able to relate your products/services to viewers’ preferences, interests and experiences

With geotargeted content, you can help your customers see WHY your products make the most sense to them.

Much like selling umbrellas in London or sunscreen in Australia, you can use your website content to relate your product to their story. This is the same for any service you have on offer - make it relevant to your customers in geographical terms to really drive home the message oh why they need what you have to offer.

Content that’s targeted and meaningful is also indicative of a dedication to the customer experience - a fact that won’t escape the notice of your website visitors.

Geotargeted keywords will bring in more of the right kind of visitors

Another perk of using geotargeted content is the incorporation of targeted keywords that can pull in the right kinds of customers - those who are more likely to follow through to purchase what they want in one or two visits.

Regional or localised keywords are likely to be highly effective and Google searches that include a specific region - ‘buy umbrellas in London’, for example - are referred to as geomodified searches.

Here, doing careful keyword research is necessary, especially if you’re keen on enjoying meaningful visits from your target audience. This is especially useful because in the event your users are masking their IP addresses through a VPN or proxy network, incorporating the right keywords will ensure that they find what you have to offer - even if you can’t gauge their real location - through a quick geo-modified search.

Build rapport with your visitors and customers

Geotargeted content also fulfils another, more subtle purpose: It builds rapport between you and your audience.

At a time where individuals want to do business with brands that actually mean something to them, building customer relationships is everything. By building trust with your audience - something you can do through geotargeted content and excellent customer service - you retain a loyal audience. Remember, loyal customers are much more valuable than almost any new lead you can find.

It is, in fact, 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one!

Make use of geotargeted content to increase visitor engagement and build relationships

With the widespread availability of premium IP geolocation tools, leveraging geotargeted content is not as hard as building a separate site for every region, country or city you’re active in.

Dynamic content tools now allow you to customise your website content based on where your visitors are located. It’s really as easy as that!

By using geotargeted keywords and content that’s meaningful to whoever is reading it, you can be guaranteed two things: Visitor engagement and a high conversion rate.

2nd August 2019

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Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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