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Using Magento geolocation for the best website results

For e-commerce companies that rely on the power of Magento’s open source technology and run multiple regional websites, Magento geolocation is just one of its many superpowers.

For e-commerce companies that rely on the power of Magento’s open source technology and run multiple regional websites, Magento geolocation is just one of its many superpowers.

Arguably, though, it’s one of the most important for companies that have realised that personalised, location-specific content is important for generating conversions. Given the customisation abilities, businesses enjoy with this platform, including the look and functionality of their online store, the ability to redirect visitors to the appropriate page or website is a winner, especially for bigger businesses.

Powering approximately 12% of all e-commerce sites, Magento is advancing in terms of the number of users, functionality, and now geolocation targeting.

Continue reading our post for a closer look at how you can use Magento geolocation features to give your customers a truly unique website and customer experience.

Magento geolocation

Give your website visitors the ability to switch between any of your local sites

If you’re keen on allowing your potential customers to peruse your full site and explore all your product/service options, allowing them to switch between any of your local sites is a very useful feature.

Fortunately, if your websites are being hosted and built using Magento, this is a relatively simple task. With certain IP geolocation tools, you can now enable these options for your visitors.

You can even use referral whitelist options offered with certain solutions, including ours, and disable redirection if they detect a visitor from another site!

Send your visitors to identical pages across multiple regional sites

With Magento geolocation capabilities, you also have the power to redirect visitors to specific pages/products across the multiple websites you manage.

If you’ve leveraged common URL structures within these sites, redirecting users from each location not just to the relevant regional website, but also a specific product page they’re interested in, is much easier than it sounds.

It’s important, however, that you begin by choosing powerful IP geolocation tools that come with advanced functionalities that include this particular feature.

Go to town with website/page redirect rules

If you’re really interested in some next-level personalisation or geotargeting, another feature you can coax out of Magento geolocation is the creation of multiple redirect rules, with each rule possessing a unique location and redirect URLs.

Sounds impossible? For most IP geolocation tools, maybe.

With Geo Redirect, however, you can determine where specific groups of visitors go (including multiple websites/pages, depending on where they’re from) through the same link.

Track and analyse website visitors with geolocation analytics

Beyond just giving you the ability to redirect visitors and personalise your content according to the region your visitor is in, IP geolocation tools for Magento also allow you to access some pretty insightful analytics.

Here, you can see how well your redirects have worked within particular location segments. Beyond its immediate usefulness, this type of information will also help you understand what kind of redirects are the most effective and what type of users you’re more likely to see conversions with.

Bring the right visitors in and keep the wrong visitors out

Another very handy feature you enjoy with Magento geolocation features is the ability to block or redirect certain groups of visitors from visiting your site.

This way you prevent them from eating up your precious bandwidth, spamming your sites, distorting your website visitor data, and helps you target your content and information to the right audiences more effectively.

Unlock a superior level of personalisation and functionality with Magento geolocation!

Magento geolocation tools give your business an edge that rivals some of the biggest businesses in the world. With superior IP geolocation features, create advanced redirect rules, block users from specific locations, track and analyse visitor data and so much more.

With our suite of IP geolocation tools, customise your website according to each visitor’s location and take your operations to the next level!

15th June 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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