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How to use an IP geolocation lookup to customise your site

By leveraging IP geolocation lookup tools, use visitor geolocation to customise your website to drive traffic, encourage purchase decisions, and improve your conversion rates.

Did you know that you can use an IP geolocation lookup tool to customise your website and drive traffic to it?

At any point in time, you have mere seconds to grab the attention of your site visitors and encourage them to scroll through your site, view your products, and make purchase decisions. Customising your website to their specific interests and habits, therefore, can leave a lasting impression.

For this, you can use one piece of data you can obtain with ease: Visitor geolocation. By using an IP geolocation lookup, you use this data to maximise website conversion and drive engagement.

Continue reading this post to find out how you can use this type of tool to enjoy desired customer behaviour on your site.

Redirect customers to location-relevant pages or websites

Using IP geolocation lookup tools, you can automatically redirect your site visitors according to their geolocation. By redirecting them to location-relevant pages, you boost their browsing experience and your conversion rate.

No matter where your visitors access your website from, you can set these tools up and redirect them to more than one location-relevant page within your website.

You can either set these tools up to ask their permission for redirection or automatically redirect them to a corresponding page, allowing them to continue their experience, seamlessly.

Let us explain this in more simple terms: Imagine you have a visitor from Canada browsing your UK site.

You can either notify him or her about how your services or products are available in Canada or automatically redirect the user to your location-specific page or site, prolonging site experience and improving it with complete ease.

Display location-specific content to increase engagement using IP geolocation lookup features

You can dynamically alter almost any content to be shown or hidden and display geo-targeted content on your site by using an IP geolocation lookup tool.

With these tools, you can change your contact information, alter headings and call-to-actions, hide buttons to prevent unwanted clicks, signups or submissions, and show only relevant products according to visitor geolocation.

This, in turn, will increase your call-through rates, click-through rates, and sales.

Automatically block visitors to reduce spam and restrict access to unwanted visitors

Using IP geolocation lookup features, you can also block visitors according to their IP address geolocation.

You can block visitors from accessing a particular page, prevent unnecessary downloads, signups, form submissions, and clicks. This is particularly useful to ward off suspicious activity from sketchy IP addresses and/or restrict access to copyright or licensed content to only select audiences.

Regardless of your motive, these types of tools save you from wasting your precious bandwidth on certain segments of website traffic

Display location-based notifications using geo bars

IP geolocation lookup tools are also available in the form of geo notification bars, which can be used to drive conversion rates.

When users are browsing your site, you can use these tools to generate geo bars that show them location-specific coupon codes and offers at checkouts. You can also include geo bars with call-to-action buttons, display alerts and messages to visitors from certain locations, and promote select products.

You can also display important information such as offers of ‘free shipping’ targeted at users from specific locations, as shipping is a critical conversion factor.

Amaze your visitors with personalised content, discounts and more

By delivering tailored experiences through IP geolocation lookup tools, you can provide visitors with the exact content they’re looking for. In this manner, you meet their needs more effectively, develop more memorable customer experiences, and boost on-site engagement.

In return, you’re likely to enjoy higher conversion rates and revenue.

Ultimately, by leveraging IP geolocation lookup tools, strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers with complete ease

4th October 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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