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How to utilise Geo Block to control
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Here at Geo Targetly, Geo Block is one of our most popular tools for businesses on the search for sophisticated IP geolocation tools.

Geo Block, as straightforward as it sounds, is a tool that helps you restrict your content to users from specific locations. Whether it’s in the interest of licensing and copyright agreements, the threat of phishing attacks, or anything else of your choosing, our tool is one of the most advanced in the market.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our post today helps you understand how Geo Block works. If you think our tool only prevents users from accessing your site, we’re glad to say that you’re in for quite the revelation!

IP geolocation databases

What can I do with Geo Block?

Don’t block visitors from your entire site unnecessarily - block them from specific pages

Using our coding - which has been refined to provide you with the utmost functionality - you can now choose to block visitors from either the whole site or restrict a few, specific pages.

How this works is that Geo Block auto-detects the geolocation of website visitor either by country, state, or city, and based on this information, initiates a redirect for those from excluded countries or regions to URLs that are determined by you.

Our location detection is 99% accurate in terms of country, 90% by state and 80% by city. Accuracy can also vary based on what kind of device is being used.

Curious about how fast we block someone? Well, our servers obtain visitor geolocation and initiate a blocking redirect in approximately 60-300 milliseconds. This means that Geo Block is almost instant, provided our code is integrated correctly.

Reduce spam and bandwidth from unwanted visitors

Not keen on keeping users away or diverting traffic away from your site? No problem!

You can also prevent unnecessary downloads from visitors in specific regions, even though you allow them to access and navigate through your website. You can also prevent spammers from accessing your website excessively by limiting their bandwidth.

Prevent unwanted signups

Geo Block even allows you to prevent unwanted signups, form submissions, and clicks! If you’re tired of being inundated with information that’s not useful to you, our tool allows you to filter data you don’t want to be seen with a simple redirect.

How sophisticated is Geo Block?

Block visitors by IP address or an entire IP range

With Geo Block, you can now use latitude-longitude-radius blocking to exclude an entire area surrounding a specified point. This makes your job that much easier and expedient.

Apply advanced inclusion and exclusion rules

Another seriously cool functionality we offer our users is the ability to apply complex inclusion and exclusion rules to ensure that only the right visitors are accessing your site.

For example, you could block everyone in a certain country except for a very specific region - magic!

You can also create as many geo-blocking rules as you wish, each with its own locations whether they’re countries, states or cities.

Whitelist IP addresses you don’t want blocked

If there are certain organisations or individuals you want to visit your site, and they belong to regions you have blocked, you can simply whitelist their IP addresses and allow them to access your site freely!

With Geo Block, you never have to compromise on high-quality leads or website visitors, simply because your content is otherwise restricted to their region.

Our block code does not slow down your website

Our block code loads in approximately 60-300 milliseconds, along with the rest of your site. Don’t worry about slowing down your site with Geo Block.

Leverage Geo Block to protect your site and attract the right visitors

With Geo Block, you never have to worry about who accesses your site. With our tool, you can control large swathes of customers with a few clicks.

Improve speed, security, and the relevance of your website by targeting the right visitors with Geo Targetly’s advanced IP geolocation tools!

1st July 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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