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How to change your marketing strategies with a free IP geolocation service

Enjoy a premium, free IP geolocation service that includes a geolocation API, dynamic content tools, site redirection functionalities, and so much more.

Nowadays, the talk of a free IP geolocation service in the marketing field is one welcomed with open arms. Geolocation tools have long since proven their value, especially in terms of driving up sales, conversion rates, and traffic to discerning businesses. They’re now on their way to stardom, giving marketers greater control over their site(s).

Here, Geo Targetly proves to be of immense value. Our premium tools cater to many features on your site including dynamic content, geotargeted images, automatic site redirections, and even a geolocation API that facilitates website customisations that matter. 

What’s even better is that for our customers, we provide these tools completely free-of-charge for 14 days. Before you sign up for a free trial, take a look, below, at what’s on offer. 

free IP geolocation service

Geo redirection functionality

Many international businesses, nowadays, run multiple sites - especially companies that have outlets or stores in multiple countries. What’s usually the challenge, in this scenario, is to ensure that each website visitor is getting information from or shopping on the correct website. For instance, ensuring that an EU customer buys from a business’ EU website as opposed to their US site. 

But what do you do when these visitors access other regional or country sites rather than their own? That’s where the beauty of geo IP redirection comes in. With this tool, each visitor’s IP geolocation is identified - i.e. the location from where they’re accessing the internet - and if a visitor is not on the most relevant site, they’re automatically redirected to the closest and most appropriate website.

This is one, phenomenal free IP geolocation service you can enjoy if you run multiple regional sites.

Redirecting users to multiple sites through a single link

At Geo Targetly, our tool, Geo Link, is one we’re extremely proud of. Not only can your shorten links with considerable ease, but this link generator produces links that take visitors back to a location-specific site or a location-specific product page through one and the same link. 

This makes it perfect for social shares that ultimately take visitors right back to your site. 

Content and site customisation tools

One of the biggest pulls of IP geolocation tools is the site and website customisation functionality they afford. These come in the form of geolocation APIs, dynamic content tools, and even geotargeted images, which can be used to customise specific website elements, automatically, based on visitor location. 

Any marketer who understands the value of customised content will realise that beyond providing customers with a personalised, and more convenient website experience, these tools allow them to be remembered for going that extra mile. With these tools, you make sure that visitors are greeted with a localised web banner or title, prices are displayed in local currencies, local contact information is listed, and if you run an international e-commerce company, that only the right local products are listed. 

While the bulk of content work can only be handled with a dedicated dynamic content tool, an IP geolocation API can make minor customisations that are more fitting for smaller businesses.


Apart from cool website customisations or complete site directs, our free IP geolocation service also includes what’s known as geo-blocking.

This is basically where you bar users from certain locations from accessing your site. Whether this is for security purposes (especially if you’ve noticed suspicious activity originating from certain locations) or because of certain copyright and licensing agreements, you guarantee that only the right users visit your site.

Level up with our FREE IP geolocation service 

While this post just dives into the core functionalities our software leverages, our portfolio includes other tools that make handy additions to your site; our Geo Javascript solution, for instance. You can now leverage these free, for 14 days, and see how they make a difference to your site. Moreover, you’ll be able to understand how industry leaders and successful international businesses manage to rake in millions in sales and have a steady stream of traffic to their sites.

The trick, here, isn’t to publish overly fancy site features - all you need to do is ensure that your content is personalised to audience interests and that the information you provide is always locally-relevant.

10th September 2019
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