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How to get the best out of an IP location database with the right tools

Find out how you can use an IP geolocation database together with geolocation software to maximise the use of IP address geolocation for targeting and marketing purposes.

An IP location database, at first glance, may seem to be a tool of limited functionality. Sure, it provides us with the location information of specific IP addresses but beyond that, what’s there to take from this source of data?

As marketers are beginning to realise, these databases are a treasure trove for advanced customer targeting efforts when combined with geolocation software, which leverage the data from an IP geolocation database.

Continue reading our post to find out how you can make the most of these databases with some of the finest targeting tools on the market.

IP location database

Use an IP location database to prompt targeted customer behaviour

As any business professional or marketer would know, getting customers to do what you want is the single, most difficult thing to do.

While there is no real solution to this, certain tools and software can go a long way in prompting the desired behaviour. An IP geolocation database, when used in isolation, won’t be of any use. Together with geo-based software, however, this is a completely different matter.

Say you want customers in Texas to fill out a customer information form in exchange for a discount or promo. You can now personalise or localise this type of message to a high degree and display it on your site without risking the alienation of other groups of visitors.

Localising your messaging is a best practice recommended by just about any marketer with the right kind of experience. With these tools, you can run multiple, personalised campaigns for exclusive audiences on a single site. All without cluttering your pages with unnecessary information.

Geo bars, which are notification bars personalised to specific locations, allow you to fulfil this purpose with ease.

Restrict your bandwidth to audiences that really matter

For many marketers, vast volumes of traffic are generally welcomed with open arms. For certain businesses, however, suspicious traffic or audiences outside an exclusive copyright zone can prove to be troublesome and extremely taxing on bandwidth.

Even here, an IP location database can prove to be quite useful. In tandem with certain geo tools, such as those that restrict website access based on the IP address of individual users, you can restrict your bandwidth to select audiences.

So, if you notice website activity from suspicious IP addresses or don’t want to violate the stipulations of copyright or licensing agreements on your site, use a geo-blocking tool together with an IP location database to manage traffic flow.

Direct traffic to the most geographically relevant pages and sites with a single link

Did we blow your mind, right there?

Well, don’t be surprised. When you combine a powerful geo link tool with the data from an IP location database, this is exactly the kind of result you can expect.

If you promote your products on social media to audiences from multiple countries or regions and manage multiple sites at the same time, you can use these types of tools to automatically direct users from specific regions to the most relevant, location-based sites.

Regardless of how many regions you’re targeting, you can send users to as many sites you want through a single link, which can be shortened and shared on social media.

This way, you can avoid cluttering your pages with an endless number of links. You also prevent the influx of information requests from confused buyers!

Automatically redirect website visitors based on their location

Another way you can direct traffic to the most appropriate site is by using a geo-based, site redirection tool that takes visitors from one regional site to one that’s most relevant to their location. Major retailers like ASOS, for example, practice this approach with great success.

This type of tool is perfect for international businesses that run distinct operations in various regions and those who maintain multiple regional sites.

Make the most of an IP location database and give flight to sophisticated marketing strategies

With a range of IP geolocation tools - like the ones we’re in the business of producing, here at Geo Targetly - you can now make the most of the data you glean from an IP location database.

To find out more about what you can do with geolocation software, head to our resource page for more information.

24th September 2019
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