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Using an IP location service to customise your promos

Do you run promos on your site? Find out how you can customise your discounts and campaigns to multiple geographically diverse audiences using an IP location service.

An IP location service is an incredibly useful tool in any marketer’s arsenal of weapons. With its ability to track the location of users via their IP addresses and automatically customise a website based on this, there almost no limit in sight if you know what you want.

Promos are one of the most important, revenue-generating features you can host on your site. It is also one of the most popular - in fact, it is estimated that 31 billion eCoupons will be used around the world this year.

Given that promos and offers are likely to lure in buyers with considerable ease, targeting these to their interests is important if you want to enjoy a high conversion rate. But how can you display multiple coupons for different sets of customers without creating any confusion?

That’s what we’re going to find out in this post.

Using geo popup tools to customise your promos

Geo popup tools are a type of geolocation software that helps you customise the promos and offers you run your site.

These are especially useful if you run an international e-commerce business, where you have multiple types of audiences, specifically those differentiated by their location.

Using this software, you can trigger unique, customised popups based on the location of each website visitor. If this doesn’t sound impressive, think about how you can target your promotions based on the pages visitors from certain locations visit and their previous purchases.

Using this data, you can create promos that are meaningful and those that can be launched for select audiences. Ultimately, your website remains clutter-free and a lucrative site for shopping - the ultimate win-win!


Feature geo bars to display your promo codes

Promo codes are a popular way of reminding your visitors why they need to be shopping on your site.

Another way you can run promos for select geographical audiences is through geo bars. With this type of geolocation software, you can drive up conversion rates and create loyalty among your website visitors by using flashy geo notification bars on your website. Some of these tools are extremely easy to set up and don’t require any kind of coding.

Using this, you can also promote select products to whichever geographic audience you want to target. Ultimately, geo bars make personalised online advertising easier than it has ever been in the past.


Use geographically relevant images to advertise your promos

Another way you can use an IP location service to customise your promos is through geo-targeted images.

As the name indicates, these are images that are customised and change based on where specific website visitors access your site from. Using these on your homepage (or wherever you like), you can launch targeted promos that draw on the heartstrings (and wallets) of your audience.

Unlike text-only promos, images can be used in a powerful way to create desire and drive website visitors to perform the desired behaviours. By localising these images and targeting the experiences and biases of your visitors, you can dramatically improve site engagement with just a little research.


A geo IP Javascript is another great way to run custom promos

Another exciting feature of any comprehensive IP geolocation service is a geo IP javascript.

With this kind of geolocation software, you can run any third-party popup based on the location of your visitors. While these are traditionally used for lead-capture purposes, they’re a great way to greet your customers with a promo alert - who wouldn’t want that?

By wrapping these elements with a geo javascript, you ensure that they’re displayed only for visitors from certain locations.


Use promos driven by an IP location service to build relationships with your customers

An IP location service can be used in a variety of ways to improve site engagement. Using it to launch customised promos, however, is easily one of the most effective.

By leveraging geolocation software, you can now drive advertisements and promotions with considerable ease and next-level customer targeting.

27th September 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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