September 1, 2019

How to block a particular IP address from visiting your site?


I have an interesting one to pose to you. I have blocked IP address on more than one occasion but it appears to sill be getting access to our site. I have also blocked the country this originates from (Russia). Below is all details I can provide on how they are accessing. Could you advise why they appear to still be able to access the site please?

by Geo Targetly

You can use our Geo Block product to block a particular IP from visiting your website. See screenshot below:

However note that blocking a particular IP is not 100% effective because if someone is dedicated enough to view your site, they can.They can use a VPN service which can be used to hide their IP/location by using proxies to visit your site from different IPs/locations. In such an instance, its almost impossible to block a person out. Geo blocking works for general visitors,  not someone who is 100% dedicated to getting access to your site.

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