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October 26, 2020

Can anyone help me with an example of using geo location for pricing?


Geolocation for pricing rules.

Can anyone help with an example of how using an api like could be used to retrieve a users continent location and have this effect pricing globally on a store? It would only be used for EU and Non-Eu conditions.

All product prices on the store will be excluding tax, I would like to apply a percentage increase to all display prices pre checkout for EU located customers,  non EU customers would see the price as it is on the Shopify admin (excluding tax).

Once the product reaches checkout the checkouts tax calculation can take over, (it will be the  same rate)

I have Shopify's geolocation app installed and it takes care of the currency switching and location detection for that just fine, but I'm not sure if  there is maybe an endpoint that can be used from that to help? Any help would  be greatly appreciated :)

I know there are apps that can do location based  pricing but it seems to be a large expense and I'd like to have it  implemented in the theme itself if possible

by Geo Targetly

To control the differences of prices for displaying and upon checking out, it is best to run multiple shops for your EU customers and non EU customers.

Thus, you can set prices separately for individual shops.

Our Geo Redirect tool can detect your visitors' locations by IP and  auto direct them.

You can easily create redirection rules for multiple  markets; each location can have its own URL.

For example, your EU customer can be routed to EU shop showing the increased prices; while non-EU customer can be auto redirected to non-EU shop showing prices excluded taxes.

No code is necessary. We support Shopify and generate Javascript code for one-time integration.

For more details, please visit our product page:

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