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October 4, 2020

Can I auto send visitors to their country domain website?


Can I auto send visitors to their country domain website?

Can I  implemented some code to redirect visitors to their country website?

For example, when a person in Denmark goes to the Norway site, I want the visitor to be sent to the .dk site automatically.

by Geo Targetly

Sure you can  without necessarily coding yourself.

Our Geo Redirect tool can detect your visitors' locations by IP and auto redirect them to specific country domains.

You can easily create redirection rules for visitors from different countries like USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa etc.; each rule can have individual URL with different country domains.

You can create rules for your main site and country domain pages, thus whichever page your visitors click from, they will be auto redirected to correct site.

Our service also generates one-time integration Javascript code for your site.

It supports all major ecommerce platforms and general sites. For more details, please visit out product page:

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