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October 1, 2020

Can I make service business auto redirect visitors to city landing pages?


Can I make service business auto redirect visitors to city landing pages?

I am running service business in multiple cities which I have different landing pages for each city. Can I send my visitors to specific landing page according to their cities?

How can i do this?

by Geo Targetly

Our Geo Redirect tool can auto redirect your customers to specific city landing pages based on their IP geolocations.

You can simply create redirection rules to send visitors from different cities; each city has individual landing page URL.

When a visitor clicks on your site, our Geo Redirect tool detects his IP, looks up the city, and auto redirects him to correct URL according to your rules. For example, if your visitor is from Melbourne, and he clicks on Sydney landing page, it will auto redirects him to Melbourne-specific page.

Please visit our product page for more details: https://geotargetly.com/geo-redirect

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