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June 4, 2019

Does geo redirection work with caching tools like Varnish?


Hi, we have 30 different language versions of our website and I am looking to use a service like this. However, we run Varnish to help with site speed and other modules we have looked at do not work with Varnish. Does your solution work with Varnish and other caching software?

by Geo Targetly

Our Geo Redirect product can help take your visitors to the correct regional site based on their geolocation. This can be done both automatically via a redirect or via a popup prompt. Visitors can also change sites manually using your drop down without getting forced redirected if they wish to switch sites.

In terms of caching, our service works client side directly in the browser and not on your server. Hence it is not affected by any caching plugins or Varnish. Integration involves pasting our redirect script into your site header. This script will make a call to our server to determine visitor location and process the targeting rules. Because everything is done on our end directly from the visitor's browser, your server setup and caching tools will not have any effect.

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