October 7, 2020

How to set geo IP redirection and remember visitors’ selection (eg, language setting)?


How to set geo IP redirection and remember visitors’ selection  (eg, language setting)?

Is there a possible plugin that redirects the user only if he hits the homepage and redirect the visitor to the appropriate language subdirectory?

If the user goes to the right language specific page,  e.g. domain.com/fr, the plugin shouldn't force a redirect and respect the users choice.

If the user selects another language, the selection should be  remembered for the next visit for the whole site.  How can I do this?

by Geo Targetly

Our Geo Redirect tool detects your visitors' locations based on IPs and redirect them correctly to specific page.

You can create rules redirecting visitors to language-specific/content-specific pages based on locations.  

Redirection can be set only for your homepage, if you only want to route visitors landing on homepage. In this way, your visitors can visit any of your subdirectory pages without force redirection.

For example, if a visitor in UK clicks your French version store, like domian.com/fr, he will stay at French version page as he wish. If a visitor in UK clicks your homepage, he then will be redirected to a regional page, like domian.com/en.

We provide smart pop-up window allowing your customers choose their redirection preference and remember their selections.

You can simply check, and enable pop-up window feature.

We remember users' preferences for a certain period of time as you desire for visitors' future visits.

For more details, please visit our product page:  https://geotargetly.com/geo-redirect

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