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July 3, 2019

Is it possible to change currency based on country?


Hi! Looks like a very promising service. There is one thing we would like to discuss, in order to see if it possible to solve with your solution. It is related to showing the correct currency, related to which country you are browsing from. Do you have any examples, or thoughts on how to solve that?


by Geo Targetly

I have looked into your site and noticed that you utilize a currency selection popup and the currency is selected using URL parameters CurrencyCode=NOK&DeliveryCountry=SJ&CountryCode=SJ

Our service can easily auto set these URL parameters using a Geo Redirect based on the visitor country thus removing the requirement for the initial currency selection popup.

Another option is to preselect the drop down currency in the popup so the user does not have to scroll through and find their currency.


change currency, currency selection

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