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October 25, 2020

Is there a cache plugin for geo targeting?


Geo Targeting Issue with User Location:  I know there are issues with Geo Targeting and Cache plugins.

I have found a way around most of my issues by excluding  Pages from Cache. However, I have an issue in that I test for a visitor’s  location and depending on where they are from I set a variable in a PHP  script that I use later in the script.

However, it would appear that when I test for the location it is picking up  whatever is in Cache and not the user’s actual location.

Is there a way to clear the area in the cache that is holding the location?

I’d rather avoid flushing the whole of the cache because if I went that  route there is no point in having cache in the first place.

by Geo Targetly

Our Geo Redirect tool works directly at users' browser side, and not on your server. It can help you avoid cache issue.

Every time when a visitor clicks on your site, it detects your visitor's location by IP and auto redirect him to location-specific page.

You can simply create rules to send visitors from  different locations; each location has an individual URL.

Thus, for your  visitors from Vietnam, Australia, and international, they can be routed to correct pages accordingly.

It's easy to integrate; we generate Javascript code for one-time installation.

For more details, please visit our product page:  https://geotargetly.com/geo-redirect

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