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October 25, 2020

Is there a suggested location redirection solution based on IP address for Hubspot stores?


Location redirection based on IP address.

Hi There, I'm managing  a multi-region/language website and am looking for a way to automatically  show the relevant website based on a visitors IP address.

HubSpot provides a way to show language specific content based on IP, however, I don't know if  there is a way to show a specific page or website based on IP address.

Has  anyone else come across this issue or have a solution they could share?  

by Geo Targetly

For multi-region/language website, our Geo Redirect tool can detect your visitors' locations by IP and auto redirect them.

You can easily create redirecting rules for multiple region markets; each location can have its individual URL.

For example, if your visitors are in UK, or Australia, they can be routed to UK, or Australian URL accordingly based on rules.

We support  HubSpot and generate Javascript for one-time integration with your shop.

For more details, please visit our product page: https://geotargetly.com/geo-redirect

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