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5 things you didn’t know you could do with IP address database software

Not sure what you can do with IP address database software? If so, read this post to discover how you can provide the best website experience for your customers.

IP address database software helps you manage massive amounts of data and leverage it to deliver a website that maximises the engagement of customers visiting your website.

An IP address provides basic information such as host or network interface identification and proximate location in the form of a country, state or city. An IP address database software offers you a massive collection of such data. Using this data, you can target your messaging and advertising efforts to website visitors.

Below is a list of five uses of IP address database software you might not have known about.


1. Provide your customers with personalised, location-specific content

With the provision of geolocation information by an IP address, you can always personalise your content to be location-specific.

This allows your customers to view your products or services, which are available in their region and customise price information to local currencies or even get directions to your stores that are nearby.

Through the use of IP address database software, you can maximise website conversions and drive engagement by geo-targeting your website content to your audiences. With these tools, easily create location-based redirects, links, content, popups, sticky bars and more using our tools.


2. IP address database software generates customer insights and helps you create customer market profiles

Online activity associated with a particular IP address carries a lot of information about a person’s likes and dislikes.

By combining this type of data with IP address database software, you can discover keen insights on your customers and, thereafter, create cutting-edge, customer market profiles.

With the use of data such as internet browsing, location, search and purchase history, your company can find out what makes your audiences tick. Your IP address database software can then help you notify the customer about specific offers or rewards based on their market profile.


3. Enhance customer experience

Even if customers do not do any purchasing in their first visits to your site, the overall customer experience you provide them will make them more likely to visit again or even refer your business to others.

To deliver a better customer experience, you must provide accurate information, be dependable, and provide the service guaranteed. You must deliver what you promise and surprise your customers with extra care and support. IP address database software can help you achieve this.

By displaying geo-targeted content and dynamic geo-targeted images and banners, alongside other location-based personalisation, you can create a tailored customer experience for each of your audiences.


4. Restrict suspicious online activity and advertise to audiences that really matter

While many marketers welcome vast volumes of traffic, for certain businesses, suspicious traffic or audiences outside an exclusive copyright zone can prove to be troublesome.

Together with certain geo tools that restrict website access based on the IP address geolocation of each user, you can restrict your bandwidth to select audiences.

This is when IP address database software can prove to be quite useful. Website activity from suspicious IP addresses and licensed content access can be managed with the use of an IP address database software that leverages geo-blocking features.


5. You can display customised notification bars to visitors from different geolocations

Using attractive geo-notification bars, you can drive up conversions from geo-specific audiences. With the help of software that provides you with an IP address database, things will be made easy for you.

By showing a reduced or free, local shipping cost, you can boost your conversion rate among local customers. You can also display geo-targeted offers, coupon codes, alerts, and messages to visitors from specific locations using customised geo bars.

Geo bars also provide call-to-action buttons that increase your click-through rate and help you promote select products and services based on visitor geolocation.


Leverage IP address database software for increased engagement on your website

By maximising the use of an IP address database software, marketers can ensure positive customer experiences and create loyal customers. Loyal customers are seven times more likely to test an offering, five times more likely to buy again, and four times more likely to refer your business to others.

Take a look at our range of products that provide you with IP address database software that can make a difference to your marketing efforts.

1st October 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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