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Increasing business revenue and conversion rates with an IP geolocation database

An IP geolocation database can do more than just locate specific IP addresses. Find out how you can use this to boost revenue and conversion rates on your site.

Given that it stores extremely valuable location data of specific internet users, an IP geolocation database often helps website operators personalise their sites in a way that’s both meaningful and effective. As we’ve discussed on the Geo Targetly blog, this can lead to a noticeable upswing in revenue and the conversion rate on each site. The question we tend to hear (and the one that’s probably forming in your mind) is how this data can be used directly on a site to bring about these kinds of results. Fortunately, our post dives into the heart of this topic, showing you how we encourage our users to leverage the data from an IP geolocation database to add some powerful geolocation features to their websites.

IP geolocation database

First off, what is an IP geolocation database?

Simply put, an IP geolocation database stores the latitude and longitude coordinates of a given IP address. These databases are created by third-parties who extract this data as a result of extensive data mining and/or by polling users. 

The IP addresses obtained, therefore, correspond to the electronic access point of each user on your website. While this may not necessarily correspond to the exact location your visitor is at, IP addresses are a useful, legal, and non-invasive way of determining the approximate location of your users. 

Together with geolocation tools, an IP geolocation database can identify the country, region or city your user is in. The more sophisticated your tools are, you’re likely to enjoy highly accurate location data.

Use this data to enjoy personalised, location-specific website content

One of the biggest perks of using IP geolocation data is the ability to personalise the content you display to visitors as they enter your site.

Imagine greeting visitors from New York with a banner that says ‘Howdy New Yorkers!’ or ‘G’ day mate!’ for someone visiting from Australia at the exact same time? That’s precisely the kind of customisation an IP geolocation database delivers when combined with the right dynamic content tools. 

Moreover, other information like pricing, store directions, and contact details can be customised to each visitor’s locality with these types of geolocation features. Ultimately, this level of customisation can boost your conversion rate and revenue over time.

Serve targeted and localised ads

Another strategy you can introduce to your marketing efforts, together with an IP geolocation database, are targeted ads. With the right geolocation features, you can increase the revenue to your site by allowing advertisers to target specific groups of customers that visit your site and redirect them to location-based landing pages. 

This will not only increase the conversion rate for your advertisers and thereby, your revenue, but also make your site a lucrative advertising space for other companies and businesses. Location-specific ads also help you market your own products or services that have launched in a specific store, country, region or city!

Maintain highly accurate traffic logs

If you’ve wanted to understand not just where your website visitors are coming from, but also how they access your site, an IP geolocation database is at the heart of this very functionality. 

In tandem with the right geolocation features, you can now see where your login attempts are coming from, enabling you to weed out potential spam or malicious activity with the data from these databases. This helps you ensure that your traffic is safe, targeted, and highly relevant to your business - a basic first step to ensure an improved conversion rate. 

Leverage an IP geolocation database to give your website - and your coffers - a boost

While there’s no limit to what an IP geolocation database can do, the functionality we’ve discussed in our post are those that can help you boost revenue and your conversion rate, provided you use it right. Together with premium IP geolocation tools, you can now take your website to the next level of revenue generation. Find out more about how our software can help you achieve this.

6th September 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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