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Using geolocation software to find IP geolocation and improve your site

Did you know, geolocation software can not just find IP geolocation but also personalise your site in a way that primes it for greater visitor engagement? Find out more.

Nowadays, it doesn’t take much or any specialised knowledge to find IP geolocation. Given the availability of geolocation software on the internet, businesses can dive deep into location data and discover the country, state or city visitors are accessing their site from.

Making the most of this data, however, is a completely different matter. Many use this information for matters as simple as creating geo-targeted discounts and promotional campaigns when geolocation software can go far beyond this.

In our post, we show you how to find IP geolocation and use it to improve your overall site experience. If this sounds complicated, rest easy - after the initial setup, there’s little to no tweaking required.

Find out how you can let your geolocation software do the heavy-lifting for you.

Find IP geolocation

Find IP geolocation to localise website content

Your site content needs to be powerful if you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, especially for e-commerce companies. Ultimately, regardless of how good your products are, it’s really how you promote them that finally converts online shoppers.

Fortunately, geolocation software can customise website content, automatically, based solely on the location of each of your visitors. This means that if someone from the UK accesses your site, an IP geolocation tool will be able to personalise your content to this location.

If you think this just means changing contact information, brace yourself: Geolocation software can find IP geolocation and localise currencies, delivery information, greetings, banner content, images, and even localise products according to whether they’re available in that region or not.

With this kind of strategy, you’ll be able to target a wide range of audience segments in a highly effective way, within a single site.

Use visitor geolocation to display targeted promotions

According to marketing research, around 93% of shoppers use a discount or coupon code throughout the year. This means that there’s a good chance that any promotions or discounts you offer will be received with enthusiasm and, perhaps, most importantly, guarantee higher sales.

If you’re an international e-commerce business and would like to run geo-targeted campaigns for specific segments of your audience, geo popup tools can help you do just this. This type of geolocation software will find IP geolocation and then run ads and promos based on whether the user in question belongs to a targeted territory.

There’s no doubt that exciting promos and discounts can improve site experience. By running geo-based campaigns, you ensure that you’re targeting only the right groups of visitors without alienating the rest.

Form autofill elements and automatic site navigation

With geolocation software, another handy tool you can leverage is an IP geolocation javascript. With this, your site becomes instantly more interactive and easy-to-use.

With autofill elements, it may be more likely that visitors fill in your forms, especially since half of it is already filled out by geolocation software. For individuals that need an extra push in the right direction, you can automatically recalibrate the map on your site to their location, showing them approximate directions to your closest outlet or retail store.

With a simple plugin, therefore, prompt visitors to perform certain desired behaviours without too much effort. One geolocation plugin; endless possibilities.

Find IP geolocation to run third-party javascript applications

Another functionality you can leverage with your geolocation software is the ability to run third-party javascript applications based on the geolocation of your users.

Here, you can trigger custom snippets, forms, cookie consent scripts, and so much more based on the specific geolocation of each user. For instance, if someone from the EU enters your site, an automatic cookie consent script in line with the GDPR will be triggered just for them.

This makes displaying custom notifications a much easier exercise and a more effective one, too.

Give your visitors a site experience they won’t forget with our geolocation software

At Geo Targetly, we specialise in premium IP geolocation software capable of leveraging all of the above features with unimaginable ease.

By introducing these to your site, it may be possible to witness a dramatic transformation in engagement and maybe, conversion rates as well. Take a look at our range of geolocation tools and understand how we go beyond merely finding IP geolocation.

16th August 2019
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