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How an IP geolocation API javascript can improve your website

An IP geolocation API javascript can transform the way your website attracts, engages, and retains your audience. Find out how you can achieve the same in our post.

An IP geolocation API javascript is, at first glance, a few lines of code - one of many - entered into an otherwise simple-looking website. It’s only when users from multiple locations access this site that they realise just how powerful these few lines of code really are.

Responsible for driving powerful personalisation, this tool allows you to provide visitors with a website experience that’s tailored to their geography and ultimately, with the right geolocation data, their interests. For e-commerce sites, this kind of functionality can be effective in keeping customers on-site for longer and prompt them to engage more meaningfully with the products listed.

In our post, we uncover some of the specific benefits an IP geolocation API javascript can add to your website! 

IP geolocation API javascript

Customise price and delivery information to each country/region

For global e-commerce sites that are active in multiple locations, price and delivery information is, arguably, one of the most important pieces of information for customers. In fact, a study conducted by WorldPay demonstrated that customers display a 13% cart abandonment rate if prices are shown in a foreign currency.

By combining your IP geolocation API javascript with a premium dynamic content tool, you ensure that each visitor sees this data in terms of their local currency or geographic location. Not only does this make things easier for them, but you also field an excessive number of queries coming your way.

Display accurate geographical information to visitors

If you maintain a physical retail store (or several), displaying accurate map information is so important if you want to increase foot traffic.

Buyers, nowadays, place a premium on convenience. If your website automatically shows them accurate directions to your store closest from their location, you eliminate much of the hard work for them. With the sophistication of GPS services, they only need to follow their map to your doorstep.

In tandem with your geolocation API, make sure that your website map plugin is working smoothly. All your hard work will go down the drain if users can’t toggle or navigate through your map with ease.

Improve your website’s data capturing abilities

Successful data gathering is a sign of a well-functioning website. Moreover, this kind of data is often invaluable because it allows businesses to understand how well they’re efforts are translating to results.

With a geolocation API, you can gather crucial geo-based customer insights that help you improve your targeting and general marketing activity. This will not only include the region/country/city your user is in but also which regions/customer bases express the most interest in certain products. 

If your website effectively captures this kind of data - making its analysis a walk in the park - you can optimise your site(s) accordingly, catering to users preferences and interests with greater effect.

Hyper-localise your site to make it familiar and relevant to visitors

Another way you can improve your website and engage with customers more meaningfully is by using an IP geolocation API javascript to localise your site. How do you do this? 

Similar to displaying price and delivery information in terms of local currencies, you can add the specific location of each visitor in the banners and general content on your site. If you’re a local grocery chain attempting to make yourself familiar to online shoppers, for instance, identify and greet them from the specific city each user is in!

This kind of personalisation is the ‘extra step’ buyers, nowadays, are looking for. 

Improve your site and win audiences over with an IP geolocation API javascript 

An IP geolocation API javascript is a deceptively simple tool. Its uses, however, will show you what it’s really worth and how it can change the way you market your products, target your customers, and maintain your site. Don’t waste time in finding out how you can incorporate this code to your site and begin seeing results.

2nd September 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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