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Why should I use geolocation tools with the best IP geolocation database?

Find out how you can use the best IP geolocation database together with IP geolocation tools to drive conversion rates, website traffic, site engagement and much more.

As a marketer or someone who wants to improve their site, you’ve probably looked for the best IP geolocation database at some point or the other. Undoubtedly having realised the importance of not only knowing where your visitors are from but also the personalisation of your website based on user location, these databases are the holy grail.

One revelation many come to, even after they discover what they think is the best IP geolocation database, is that this data is only as good as the tools you use to leverage these insights. 

What we’re trying to say here is that your insights will amount to nothing if you don’t know how to make the most of this data. Fortunately, this is our area of speciality.

best IP geolocation database

Use a geolocation API to personalise your site to visitor geolocation

One of the foremost tools that you can introduce to your site, in tandem with the data you extract from an IP geolocation database, is a geolocation API.

These handy lines of code are unbelievably powerful and what they do is simple: They customise your website content based on the visitors that enter your site. While there are separate dynamic tools that are used to customise things like price information, an API will edit minor text placements as well as automatically reroute maps and autofill forms.

In terms of data, powerful geolocation APIs can also take you as close as the city-level to your users' location.

Use an IP geolocation database to redirect visitors to location-specific sites

Another way you can make the most of the best IP geolocation database in your arsenal is by using this data to automate site redirections based on user location.

If you manage a retail store with multiple outlets or an e-commerce site active in several parts of the world, site redirections are a handy way of increasing the conversion rate. Certain geo redirect tools can even handle multi-location website inter-direction, which can take customers to the right site regardless of where their location is. You can also display redirection popups, which guide customers from the store site they’ve accessed to the one closest to them. The feature that takes the cake, though, is the ability of these tools to redirect users to product pages on multiple local websites through a single link.

Block visitors with suspicious IP addresses or from suspicious locations

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as being too careful with your cybersecurity. 

That’s exactly where geo-blocking comes in handy. Together with your IP geolocation database, you can wield a geo-block tool to prevent your site from being accessed by individuals in certain locations, either to prevent malicious cyber activity or to maintain copyright and licensing agreements. 

Regardless of your purpose, this kind of IP geolocation tool is an incredibly effective way of filtering your traffic and ensuring that only the right and most relevant audiences view and interact with your website.

Drive conversion with geo popups based on IP geolocation database information

Do you want to carry out promotions for customers from a certain location but not for others? Not sure how to display information to the right groups without fielding unnecessary requests from the others?

Well then, geo popups are the solution you never knew you needed. With this handy little tool - and with the best IP geolocation database powering it - you can display popups based on visitor location on one and the same site.

This means that if you maintained a single site for all visitors and wanted to display an offer to visitors from California but not to those from LA, you could do so using a geo popup tool.

Make the most of the best IP geolocation database with the right tools

Making the most of your geolocation data isn’t hard - if you have the right geolocation tools, using these insights to drive up conversion rates and engagement is within your grasp.

For a look at trusted and proven IP geolocation tools, explore the range of Geo Targetly’s solutions!

26th August 2019

"Hands down one of the best marketing tools you are not using"

Chad T. - Web & Digital Media Director

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