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Can we use a popup to ask visitors to be redirected to a local store?


We are now using a shopify app to do this for us, but am open to better solutions if you have some suggestions.

Our New Zealand store:

Our United Kingdom store: I originally setup a redirect so that if you were in the UK and tried to search for the NZ store, it would redirect automatically to the UK site.

And if you were in NZ searching for the UK site, it would automatically switch to the NZ store. In theory, this idea works well, but we like the idea of people being able to purchase for their friends from other countries without being auto-redirected.

Hense the pop up idea works well: seen when you head to our UK store One company that we believe do it well is Allbirds. if you search If you have any ideas around how we can achieve this, we'd love to know.

by Geo Targetly

Our Geo Redirect product actually has a built in permission popup option that asks visitors if they would like to be redirected rather than auto redirecting them. The design of the popup can be adjusted and there are a few useful features such as being able to count down and auto redirect or remembering the visitor selection for a future auto redirect.

Please see screenshot below that shows where you can enable this popup:


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